Colorful Leopard Fur

The holidays are coming to an end and I will soon be heading back to work :(!!  I am very thankful for my job but who doesn't like getting up when they want to ?! Since Christmas is over I've told myself that I don't have any reason to shop! Basically I  have made a commitment of no shopping (Pray For Me Please!!!) for the next three months. I believe I can do it; I am going to need you guys to hold me accountable! This is what I wore on an early dinner date with my husband. Colorful Leopard leggings, black fur coat and my riding boots. Have you guys made any commitments for the new year?

                             Similar Leggings Below : Smooches MotifMana

Christmas Day

Christmas Day" was all about  gratitude, family, love and fellowship. I woke up around 4am anxious to see my daughter's face (she kept asking me before Christmas if she would be surprised?) however I had to wait another 4 hours :)! I fell back to sleep and soon heard "Mommy", it's Christmas:)! I got up giving thanks to Jesus for the best gift ever given and then we watched Ken open each gift with delight. Yup she was surprised!! Later that afternoon my family and friends came over for dinner and games. Needless to say, I stayed inside all day in my socks. What did you guys do on" Christmas Day"?

If she is happy ; I am happy:)!
            I never did put my shoes on the entire day: I was quite comfy:)!
My Aunt Judy brought the games! I'm going to hate throwing my tree out:(!

Blurry photo: Christmas trivia was a blast!You have to play it!!

   Effortless Look : Cardigan, Fuzzy Socks and Ponte Pants. Ha!
                    I stayed warm and comfy in my sweater and socks, "All Day"!
I received a lot of compliments on my necklace:)!  Cuter necklaces below!

On the 12th Day of Christmas....Christmas Eve

On the 12th Day of Christmas my true love (Jesus) gave to me his life and love on "Christmas Eve". So we have finally made it to "Christmas Eve"and the 12th day of Christmas. It was fun yet challenging( Due to my party planning) sharing  the 12 days of Christmas from my perspective with you guys . Today for me  is all about reflecting on the gift that God gave to all of us during this season. I am very grateful for Jesus and the life that he so freely shared with us. I finally completed all of my shopping ( Yaay!!)  so I went to the gym  for a great workout , ran to the square for a quick shoot and home to relax a bit before heading to church. I am hosting Christmas dinner at my house this year so the party isn't over yet!!! I put together  cut off jeans, turtleneck, an Aztec sweater, my favorite hat and riding boots for a fun "Christmas Eve" look. I hope you guys have the best Christmas ever!!! Much love.....MotifMana

 Love (Oops it backwards..Oh well!), Baby Jesus and Mary: My favorite necklaces!
              My favorite hat..:) Don't forget the true meaning of Christmas!!!

 Shop other cute hats below!:)Merry Christmas!!!!

On the 11th Day of Christmas.....Dirty Santa Party

On the 11th day of Christmas my true love (gave to me) and I  hosted a "Dirty Santa Christmas Party". This has been such a challenge for me to plan this party and  keep up my Twelve Days of Christmas posts. I don't believe that I could commit to doing this again. It was quite daunting ; shopping, cooking, being a mom, and a wife. Basically running around like a chicken with my head cut off. We had so much fun this past Saturday with family and friends over and the "Dirty Santa Game " was a blast! I think I may do it again next year!  I didn't take any random pics (Dang)!!!!  I blew my hair out but I didn't have time to style it the way I wanted. Anyway it was big!!!! I am wearing leather skinny pants, reindeer sweater and patent  leather pumps!
                                                                      My  Dee and I:))
   Bffs.... Quita and I :)!!!!
Leather pants are a  must for Winter:Bought these for a fraction of the original price!:)
                                     I like these below too!Smooches...MotifMana

On the 10th Day of Christmas....Christmas Leggings!

On the 10th Day of Christmas my true love gave to me a warm pair of "Christmas Leggings". I found these fun leggings in New York a few months ago and I liked the print so I decided to wear them while running around the Square.What do you guys think? I am  wearing a wool hat, wool cardigan and Troopas for a complete warm look. Smooches....MotifMana

I love leggings!!!!!...Christmas is almost here :)Shop other ones below!!

On the 9th Day of Christmas..Winter Soltice

On the 9th Day of Christmas my true love gave to me "Winter Solstice", only the beginning! So today was the first day of  Winter and boy was it felt. My days have actually been running together because I have been sooo busy this week. However, "Winter" showed up for sure!!! I wanted to be comfy and warm while doing some Christmas shopping in the Square. I love big comfy scarfs and sweaters. I am wearing an oversize sweater, spandex, infinity scarf, leather gloves, and boots. Did you guys feel winter this week also?

   Love the Grand Tree in the Square:Shop other Chunky Sweaters below...MotifMana

On the 8th Day of Christmas.....Plaid and Fur!

On the Eight day of Christmas my true love gave /took me to a meet and greet in Oxford, Mississippi. So my husband  and I attended a Christmas meet in greet in Oxford. I didn't plan an outfit and I wanted to be comfortable. I  was sure I would be standing the whole time! So I dressed up my plaid shirt and leggings with a fur vest and sparkly accessories. Take a look!

                                                                 They love the strong egg nog!!!!!!
                                                                    I couldn't handle it!!!!!!!

                                          Cuter Fur Vest below....Smooches MotifMana!!!

On The 7th Day of Christmas.....Tribal

On the Seventh Day of Christmas my true love gave to me a"Tribal Sweater" and fringe Boots to wear  Christmas Shopping. I absolutely love this sweater and couldn't resist pairing it with fringe boots for a complete "Tribal" look. What do you guys think?

Chiedza does tribal so beautifully ;)!

                                                   Her nails are always so fly!
                                            Love her accessories: Always on point!
       Here are some other cute ones below!...Smooches Motifmana

On the Sixth Day of Christmas....Art Party

On the Sixth Day of Christmas my true love ( Hubby) gave/  took me to an "Art Party".  I wore this effortless look to an "Art Show / Party" last weekend. It wasn't one of my best days but it did help get my mind off of all of the craziness that had been going on that day.  I am wearing grey leggings, cowl neck sweater, booties and cheetah purse.

         She sang a beautiful rendition of (Who Could Imagine A King)!
                                                                       Real Eggnog!
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On The Fifth Day of Christmas "Christmas Sweater"

On the fifth Day of Christmas (Singing) my true love gave to me a "Christmas Sweater" accented with a "Christmas Tree". Who said that "Christmas Sweaters" had to be humdrum! I purchased this sweater a few years ago at Target. I wasn't looking for it, I just so happened to see it on the sales rounder for an excellent price ( I can't remember). I was so excited because it fit well! I immediately called my friend who purchased one with a reindeer on it and shared the news. I put it together with a gingham shirt, jeans, leopard booties, and a red bag for a festive look! I wore this outfit to work for our holiday luncheon and after work I  attended an art show with my husband. 
I was Soooooo happy: last day of work!!!!Yippeeeee!!!!

                               I love this  painting from the show:  I didn't take any other photos battery died!

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