"Stripes..... Her Way"

 Stripes are one of those fashionable and unchanging textiles that will always transcend time. There is no rule for the time of the year that you can sport this print (IF SO WHO CARES)!!!! Do it your way!  A girl can rock stripes in any width, color, design or on any garment with ease! I’m in love with the craze over this ageless print and the way it’s being worn these days. Stripes can be blended together in so many ways to make a fabulous fashion statement! Here are a few  of my favorite ways to wear stripes: I like to mix them with polka dots, animal prints, bold colors, and other patterns. Regardless of how you rock your Stripes make sure you’re doing it …. Your (Her) Way!  

- Smooches…MotifMana


 Seeing Stripes Everywhere!

                                                                  *Walking On Stripes *
                             Bonus Photo:Dress down outfit from a couple
                            Protective Style:Similar Outfit Below

                            Trousers (Gap old)) Sweater (Gap old) Oxfords (Steve Madden last year)

                                   Photos I like from one of my favorite fashion sites: Refinery29
 To The Races — A simple stripe down the leg of each pant is becoming much more ubiquitous. Originally limited to tuxedo and athletic pants, these racing stripes are cropping up on all manners of trousers, shorts, and jeans. Photo

 Courtesy of J.Crew  

In The Mix — Find shirts that come patterned with a whole slew of stripes, whether that's with contrasting colors, widths, styles — or all at once. Net-a-Porter.

Sock It To You — I like the cute striped socks.
Photo: Courtesy of Madewell

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"Girl On Fire"

OK, my husband and I attended the annual, “Art on Fire”, Art Auction at the Dixon Gallery and Gardens this past Saturday night. When I heard the title, I immediately fell in love with it. Then I thought about Alicia Keys's single, “Girl on Fire” and I had to borrow it for this post. I was ready to throw on a dress and heels fitting the title until I found out that the event would be held outside. Glad I called to check the attire. My hubby never knows!  We ate  great food, had  fun and listen to live music.  It was a chilly night but the Ambiance, Art and The……. “Girl was on Fire”.


 BowBlouse (F21)  and Ponte Pants (Target last year)
           Cheetah Clutch  (Rebecca Minkoff ) (Bloomies); Jewels:chain necklace worn as a bracelet                                                                                     

                                         Leather blazer (TJMAXX old), Boots(Ninewest old)
                                                                Blazing Bonfire
                                                               Met up with some friends
                                                                     " Girl on Fire"

"Finally Fall"

 Waking up at 5:30 this am to 40 degree rainy weather was not what I anticipated.  Yeah, I watched the weather last night but I  was in denial. Especially being from the Mid-South, the weather can be very unpredictable. Like many of you saying bye to summer is hard for me. I’m very cold natured so the heat doesn’t bother me much.  However, one day I would like to live up North ( but we’ll chat about that later). I love all of the things that summer is characterize by; beaches, bright skies, frozen yogurt, flip flops, shorts, sun-dresses and traveling.  I smile inside out when I think about summer and its motifs. With the change of seasons we have to learn to adjust and adapt.  The weather and time change can bring about biological impacts that can affect our moods. I ‘m no mental health expert but I read during the colder months many struggle with depression.  I believe that  one way we can change the way we feel is with stylish clothes that are suitable for the weather and stimulate our mood.  So, good bye summer its, “Finally Fall”. 

Sashimi military jacket (Nordstrom 3 yrs ago) Hat (F21 last year)
Scarf (Target last year) Basic  T (Gap ) Jeans(Joes)Troopa Boots(SM 3yrs ago)

Introducing MotifMana

Hi!  I would like to introduce my blog again. I am so excited to share some aspects of my life with you. I love fashion , art,  educating, speaking ,politics, writing , traveling and so much more. I remember when I was  five years old, my aunt took me shopping one Saturday. While shopping she bought me a skirt, ruffle blouse, cowgirl hat and boots. I couldn't wait to wear my new outfit!  I begged my aunt to let me try my outfit on 3 times before Monday morning. Finally ,  I woke up at 5am on Monday morning to get dressed  in my new outfit . Once I was dress, I  sat on the steps until my granddad and grandmother  woke up. I waited for my granddad to call for me to come down off the steps as he often did . He said "Monie" you look soooo cute in your new clothes!  I will never forget those words that my granddad spoke to me! I had a smile on my face for the rest of the day. I felt so good about myself. At that time, I realized  the connection between feeling confident in your clothes and esteem. When you feel good about what you are wearing your confidence exudes from the inside out! So rock clothes that make you feel confident!


 I love the Fall  colors in this bow striped dress

                                               I never leave home with out a staple piece... (cardi)
                                                I love the buttons on the back of this dress.