"Finally Fall"

 Waking up at 5:30 this am to 40 degree rainy weather was not what I anticipated.  Yeah, I watched the weather last night but I  was in denial. Especially being from the Mid-South, the weather can be very unpredictable. Like many of you saying bye to summer is hard for me. I’m very cold natured so the heat doesn’t bother me much.  However, one day I would like to live up North ( but we’ll chat about that later). I love all of the things that summer is characterize by; beaches, bright skies, frozen yogurt, flip flops, shorts, sun-dresses and traveling.  I smile inside out when I think about summer and its motifs. With the change of seasons we have to learn to adjust and adapt.  The weather and time change can bring about biological impacts that can affect our moods. I ‘m no mental health expert but I read during the colder months many struggle with depression.  I believe that  one way we can change the way we feel is with stylish clothes that are suitable for the weather and stimulate our mood.  So, good bye summer its, “Finally Fall”. 

Sashimi military jacket (Nordstrom 3 yrs ago) Hat (F21 last year)
Scarf (Target last year) Basic  T (Gap ) Jeans(Joes)Troopa Boots(SM 3yrs ago)