Just Skirting Around

I love putting together outfits for work  weeks at a time. It helps me stay organized and prompt. I put this outfit together around a month ago and wore it on Wednesday of this week. I decided to sport the booties and socks trend with this fun midi skirt. what do you guys think?..Smooches...MotifMana

                                                  I had so much fun with this shoot......

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On The....Mauve

Tuesday was such a busy day....Work, Meeting, Another Meeting,Gym , Hospital Visit and Oh I had to cancel a meeting due to- my back to back meetings! AnyWhoo! I managed to fit everything in while sporting my fashionable "Mauve" trousers. I purchased these trousers last  Fall in New York after I couldn't  find my size in the store nor online. I fell in love with the color, material and the fit from the beginning. I love the straight tapered look on trousers. A great contrast from the traditional straight trouser. I paired them with  a polka dot blazer,pointy toe pumps and a turtleneck to keep warm...........

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Paisley Power

Getting back into the the swing of things after a five day break can be a struggle for me. You know what I mean! Shoot....staying up late,waking up around 8am (Yea..that's late for me),going to the gym in the morning are some of the things that I relish! I usually wear dresses on most Mondays;somehow I get this extra boost of "Power" from dressing up at the beginning of the week!
 Today was all about Paisley!  

                        What do you guys do to help get your week going?

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Leopard and Thanksgiving!

Hi everyone, I pray you all had a very blessed Thanksgiving holiday! This year for Thanksgiving I decided to stay home and cook. We usually go to my family's house and my in-laws. However, this year I just wanted to stay home rather than house hop. So I decided to cook a large dinner with my husband's and my daughter's favorite foods in mind.

 I cooked all day Wednesday so that the food would be ready early on Thursday. We sat down to eat around 12 pm on Thanksgiving day and shared what we were thankful for . Of course all of us agreed that we are thankful each day for everything. However being able to share Thanksgiving  with family and friends is a true blessing and I'm so grateful for that!  For the most part we stayed in all day with the exception of heading out to the hospital later that evening. What did you guys do this Thanksgiving holiday?

Thankful Indeed!.....MotifMana

               Love this photo: Check out the red lips... Thanks to my Ken Ken
     I forgot my (Big Kate Spade) shades and went back after it dawned on me and they were gone :(!!

I actually wore this outfit the week before Thanksgiving:)!
Big Hair ...Big Dreams!
Never Stop Dreaming!
Looovveee Leopard!!!!!!!!
Mommy and her sweet girl on Thanksgiving Day ...Ken Ken;)!!!!!

Ken Ken's favorite...baked macaroni..Check out my girl Becky's blog @ www.happyhealthyveggie.com..for great recipes! 
I found these huge collard greens after going to four stores. My hubby's favorite greens! it took me forever to clean  them! But they were good...yummmm!

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Fall For Florals

Since today was such a beautiful sunny day. I decided to wear bright Spring like colors to go along with this beautiful weather. I actually purchased this floral blouse last summer during my travels. I love wearing bright hues during the Fall and Winter months! It keeps me looking forward to my favorite season of the year. I decided to pair this blouse with blended wool Cafe Capris and blush pointy pumps! BTW....I loveeee Crop Trousers (You may have noticed).



Faith and Friends

I am normally a classic girl but I do like to play around with various trends. Especially if all I have to do is shop my closet to do so! Right now I am loving the sweats with heels trends. I think its "Stylishly Chic"! I paired this high low faith hoodie , with high waisted tight at the bottom trousers, and my favorite shoe of the season ; pointy toe pumps to attend my friend's birthday dinner. We had too much fun laughing , eating and  reminiscing about old times! Man we are getting old:)!
Look for me to rock this trend a lot this season!
Hebrew 11:1 states that Faith is the substance of things hoped for,the
                            evidence of things not seen!

                   Hebrews 11:16: it is impossible to please God without Faith!
                                                  All other "Roads Closed"!
                                         Stop! Hold on to your Faith!
                                                             I Got it!
 Definitely will be rocking these and various colors all season long!
    Faith and Friends...Thank God for Both!
                                             Faithful Natural Beauties!
                                       Vettie Poo looking Chic as usaul!
                                   Photo Creds to Kennedy and My hubby. 
                                                     I also like these

Simple Saturdays

Enjoying my Saturday and reflecting on all the blessings God has bestowed on me!

                                              I wish every Saturday could be this Simple!

                                                       All Black and Tan: So Simple........

  And OH! Ofcourse Red Lips..... A  Must!!!!!!!!! Steve Madden Cadence Boots can be found below