Art + Clothing = Style

So the first Friday of the month my husband and I usually make our rounds to the various art openings through out the city. As I have mentioned before my husband is an artist therefore art is an integral part of my life. I absolutely love everything about art and I am so blessed to be married to one of the most talented artist alive. If you have never been to an art opening or an art show PLEASE put it on your to do list. The atmosphere is always Chic and Classy. You can check the Commercial Appeal, Memphis Flyer and other local newspapers for gallery openings, dates and times. While admiring all of the eclectic art forms; I also have to check out the fashions. I am a people watcher so please don't be offended if it appears that I am checking you out! I probably am but I am not judging you. I promise! I am only admiring what you are wearing. I had an opportunity to get some pics of some very stylish art lovers this past Friday. Check them out!


                                                                       I'm Ready;)
                           Flowers and Jeans on trend with the the season's top color (Oxblood)
                                                    Beautiful  Fashionable Natural Ladies
                                                    Whitney and friends were very stylish
                                   I love her shoes; they look better in person(Vince Camuto)
                                         Artist : Susan and Tobacca were very stylish as well!
Hopefully I will see you at an opening soon!    

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