Faith and Friends

I am normally a classic girl but I do like to play around with various trends. Especially if all I have to do is shop my closet to do so! Right now I am loving the sweats with heels trends. I think its "Stylishly Chic"! I paired this high low faith hoodie , with high waisted tight at the bottom trousers, and my favorite shoe of the season ; pointy toe pumps to attend my friend's birthday dinner. We had too much fun laughing , eating and  reminiscing about old times! Man we are getting old:)!
Look for me to rock this trend a lot this season!
Hebrew 11:1 states that Faith is the substance of things hoped for,the
                            evidence of things not seen!

                   Hebrews 11:16: it is impossible to please God without Faith!
                                                  All other "Roads Closed"!
                                         Stop! Hold on to your Faith!
                                                             I Got it!
 Definitely will be rocking these and various colors all season long!
    Faith and Friends...Thank God for Both!
                                             Faithful Natural Beauties!
                                       Vettie Poo looking Chic as usaul!
                                   Photo Creds to Kennedy and My hubby. 
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