Leopard and Thanksgiving!

Hi everyone, I pray you all had a very blessed Thanksgiving holiday! This year for Thanksgiving I decided to stay home and cook. We usually go to my family's house and my in-laws. However, this year I just wanted to stay home rather than house hop. So I decided to cook a large dinner with my husband's and my daughter's favorite foods in mind.

 I cooked all day Wednesday so that the food would be ready early on Thursday. We sat down to eat around 12 pm on Thanksgiving day and shared what we were thankful for . Of course all of us agreed that we are thankful each day for everything. However being able to share Thanksgiving  with family and friends is a true blessing and I'm so grateful for that!  For the most part we stayed in all day with the exception of heading out to the hospital later that evening. What did you guys do this Thanksgiving holiday?

Thankful Indeed!.....MotifMana

               Love this photo: Check out the red lips... Thanks to my Ken Ken
     I forgot my (Big Kate Spade) shades and went back after it dawned on me and they were gone :(!!

I actually wore this outfit the week before Thanksgiving:)!
Big Hair ...Big Dreams!
Never Stop Dreaming!
Looovveee Leopard!!!!!!!!
Mommy and her sweet girl on Thanksgiving Day ...Ken Ken;)!!!!!

Ken Ken's favorite...baked macaroni..Check out my girl Becky's blog @ www.happyhealthyveggie.com..for great recipes! 
I found these huge collard greens after going to four stores. My hubby's favorite greens! it took me forever to clean  them! But they were good...yummmm!

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