MEMFIX....Kinda Weekend!

This past weekend was quite a festive one for my husband and I. Ken was out of town so we had the whole weekend to ourselves.The weather was great all weekend long! Friday we checked out Denzel's new flick ," Flight", Denzel was awesome as usual....I definitely give it two thumbs up! Then Saturday hubs wanted me to try this breakfast spot called Bryan's. The food definitely had a Southern twang. I had the veggie omelet and it was really good. Earlier that morning we heard on the news about the ,"MEMFIX" Crosstown Arts Festival. Since my husband's art studio is near by we decided to stop through after I finished my workout. I'm so glad that the city is finally rebuilding the Crosstown area.If you are from the area, then you should remember that famous Krystal's across from Sears(Everyone went to that Krystal's after hanging out...funtimes).Plus my home church is right down from that Krystal's. What better way to give that area a face lift than with another Artsy District. Now you know whenever you go somewhere in the city, you are destined to run into people you haven't seen in Forever. I had to get some pics with some friends from my undergrad days :)! We ended the weekend with church, lunch and a lot of laughs. I did not plan my outfit for Saturday; however,I wore leggings (my favorite comfy go to staple piece), oversized blouse, denim vest, and troopas. What did you guys do this weekend?


Festival Fun:)
I was so happy to run into Alisha
Alisha and her friend were Stylishly Chic
I wanted her shirt sooo Badly!!!!!
I was elated to see my college friend Rosie
Loved the mobile was live!