" Naturally Content"

 My decision to go natural has been a long time coming. My husband who is an artist suggested that I go natural while we were dating in college. At that time I didn’t think natural hair would look good on me, nor did I think it was fashionable. He would always affirm differently. I was very ignorant and didn't know the facts about natural hair. As time went on and natural hair became more socially accepted, I started to desire natural hair for myself. I admired all of the beautiful women who were brave enough to take that leap.  I can remember as a small girl how emotionally tied to my hair I was. If I didn't feel like my hair was pretty, I didn't feel pretty. Moreover, when Kennedy, my daughter was five years old and she didn't like the way I styled her for school one day. She said "mommy I don't like my hair today".  I responded to her, “Ken your hair is pretty, you look very pretty". She looked at me emphatically and declared", mommy we all have differences of opinions". Of course I was taken aback and couldn't help but to laugh out loud (literally)! What does a five year old know about differences of opinions? Ken was right! We all have differences of opinions and there is nothing wrong with that!  While writing this post and looking back I thought about my struggles with all the nuances of my hair. I hated when the stylist cut it, especially without my permission! I mean, I would be so heated!  I frankly liked the way I looked with my straight, long black hair or it pulled up in a ponytail. Often times I would leave the shop feeling conflicted about my hair. I had a certain vision for my hair and they had another. I didn't feel like I needed anything extra. Shoot, if your hair isn't right, you feel half dress! I knew that feeling all to well. I can now admit that I was afraid of change. Until one day after going to the salon for a relaxer last October; an hour later I decided to go to Bikram Yoga (Duh).  You know what happened next! I sweated my hair out and honestly I didn’t care. That’s when my transition began.  My daily workout had become more important than how my hair looked. Heck, I thought I was cute regardless of my fresh do from the shop anyway. As long as my hair looked good for events and was manageable, was all that I seem to care about. I had gotten to a point in my life where what people thought about me no longer was important. After looking at my reflection in the mirror that night something clicked! I had been functioning as a naturalist mentally for years.  I had been working out for over 10 years for an hour and a half or more a day and my health was more important to me than how people viewed me. Whether my hair was long, bone straight or puffy; didn’t matter to me anymore.  What matters most is how I feel on the inside. Shucks, majority of the time my hair was pulled up into a ponytail. In August I finally decided to cut off the straight ends. Yes I was apprehensive at first but I am so proud of myself for letting go and embracing my natural hair. I have never felt more beautiful and I am so glad that I have reached a point in my life where I am,"Naturally Content”.


Nature (ally) Content
Functioning as a naturalist 16 years ago. So funny because my outfit is so similar. Ha! I still look the same!

                              I was so excited to be a feature on Natural Hair Daily! I    was screaming like I had won a million bucks!(lol)...be sure to check their  site out.