"Orange....You Crazy About Dots"?

Everyone seems to be raving about how much they Loooovve Polka Dots right now and I am no exception to this rant. It’s just something about those dainty circles, no matter how small or big that makes any outfit go from cute to cuter. Every girl should have a piece in her wardrobe with this cute design on it! You can find polka dots in any store at anytime of the year. I love how cute they are on skirts, dresses, trousers, jeans, bathing suits …Ok Everything :)! They’re just so much fun!  Pairing polka dots together with any color; like (Orange) or print somehow naturally makes you a stand out! I fell in love with this polka dot blouse ( Its navy although it may appear to be black)  and paired it with pearls and cafe capris.What do you guys think?

-Happy Dots Shopping.....MotifMana 


I actually wore this outfit on yesterday to go along with the theme of the day. (Do you guys do that too?)