Christmas Day

Christmas Day" was all about  gratitude, family, love and fellowship. I woke up around 4am anxious to see my daughter's face (she kept asking me before Christmas if she would be surprised?) however I had to wait another 4 hours :)! I fell back to sleep and soon heard "Mommy", it's Christmas:)! I got up giving thanks to Jesus for the best gift ever given and then we watched Ken open each gift with delight. Yup she was surprised!! Later that afternoon my family and friends came over for dinner and games. Needless to say, I stayed inside all day in my socks. What did you guys do on" Christmas Day"?

If she is happy ; I am happy:)!
            I never did put my shoes on the entire day: I was quite comfy:)!
My Aunt Judy brought the games! I'm going to hate throwing my tree out:(!

Blurry photo: Christmas trivia was a blast!You have to play it!!

   Effortless Look : Cardigan, Fuzzy Socks and Ponte Pants. Ha!
                    I stayed warm and comfy in my sweater and socks, "All Day"!
I received a lot of compliments on my necklace:)!  Cuter necklaces below!