On the 11th Day of Christmas.....Dirty Santa Party

On the 11th day of Christmas my true love (gave to me) and I  hosted a "Dirty Santa Christmas Party". This has been such a challenge for me to plan this party and  keep up my Twelve Days of Christmas posts. I don't believe that I could commit to doing this again. It was quite daunting ; shopping, cooking, being a mom, and a wife. Basically running around like a chicken with my head cut off. We had so much fun this past Saturday with family and friends over and the "Dirty Santa Game " was a blast! I think I may do it again next year!  I didn't take any random pics (Dang)!!!!  I blew my hair out but I didn't have time to style it the way I wanted. Anyway it was big!!!! I am wearing leather skinny pants, reindeer sweater and patent  leather pumps!
                                                                      My  Dee and I:))
   Bffs.... Quita and I :)!!!!
Leather pants are a  must for Winter:Bought these for a fraction of the original price!:)
                                     I like these below too!Smooches...MotifMana