On The 1st Day of Christmas(Hanging of the Green)

 Hey Guys I am sooo excited to chronicle,"The Twelve Days of Christmas " from my perspective. Basically I wanted you guys to have a glimpse of some of the holiday events I attend leading up to Christmas Day. Sooo here we go ....On the First Day of Christmas my true love gave to me an invitation to the "Hanging of The Green"!!!!! I know that many of you are asking , What in the world is "The Hanging of The Green"? Well the "Hanging of The Green" is a service that some churches have to kick off the season of Advent (The coming of Christ!) through song, The Nativity Story, lighting of candles, and "The Hanging of the Green" (Garland) around the choir stand. The service is very serene and it always causes me to reflect on the the Savior's Birth!!!! My daughter has been participating in it for the last five years and this year she was chosen to light the candles that represent the season.Proud mommy..Indeed!!!!!! At the end of the service we all gathered around the tree made of Poinsettias in the  foyer and sang Christmas Carols (Beautiful)! I didn't really plan an outfit but I wanted to wear colors that symbolizes the season. So I put together a green lace pencil skirt,navy blue sweater ,red suede pointy pumps, chain belt worn as a necklace and carried a cheetah print bag. What are you guys doing for the holidays? Have you guys heard of the "Hanging of The Green"?

The Youth Department at Second Baptist Church!
                                                           Love my family!!!!!!

  Ken lighting the candles: I couldn't get a good shot ! Didn't have my camera:(!

                                              Proud of my sweet Girl!
                                                              Kate and I
How cute is Maddy in her Christmas Smock outfit and polka dot shoes!!!

I hope you guys are enjoying the holidays...Please leave a comment! I really want to connect with everyone!  Thank you soooo much!!!....Smooches MotifMana
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