On The 2nd Day of Christmas ( Coffee Shop... Geezzz!!!)

On the Second  Day of Christmas (Singing) my true love gave to me, A Stop By The "Coffee Shop.... Geezzz"!!! This past Monday, I had to make a stop by Starbucks to pick my daughter Kennedy up. She and her friends love to go to Starbucks to study or just to hangout after school. Although I am not a coffee drinker(I hate the taste of It) Coffee Shops are so Chic and Cute to me!!! Whenever I go to the Coffee Shop I always order hot herbal tea (ONLY) without any sweetener!!! I'm  really not a tea drinker either but  I do like various herbal teas. Starbucks was decorated so cute and they have so many great  gift ideas  that are absolutely divine for all of you "Addicts" :) ! I am wearing a black sheath dress with pockets,vintage layered pearls,emerald green cardigan( Christmas Color),and  polka dot pointy pumps. How many of you can't live without Starbucks?

                                             Ken and Anna Studying

                                                Very Cute Candles!
                                       I am enamored with these shoes!
                                        I love this Coffee Mug!
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