On The Fifth Day of Christmas "Christmas Sweater"

On the fifth Day of Christmas (Singing) my true love gave to me a "Christmas Sweater" accented with a "Christmas Tree". Who said that "Christmas Sweaters" had to be humdrum! I purchased this sweater a few years ago at Target. I wasn't looking for it, I just so happened to see it on the sales rounder for an excellent price ( I can't remember). I was so excited because it fit well! I immediately called my friend who purchased one with a reindeer on it and shared the news. I put it together with a gingham shirt, jeans, leopard booties, and a red bag for a festive look! I wore this outfit to work for our holiday luncheon and after work I  attended an art show with my husband. 
I was Soooooo happy: last day of work!!!!Yippeeeee!!!!

                               I love this  painting from the show:  I didn't take any other photos battery died!

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