New Glasses

Hey guys last year this time I got an infection in one of my eyes and during the exam the ophthalmologist told me I needed glasses. I had been putting it off for over a year now denial I guess. Well anyway over the  Christmas break I finally broke down, got an exam and ordered my glasses. Finding the right pair was difficult at first especially after my doctor told me I needed bifocals..UMMMM NO!! Anyway I found a pair that I like and I am getting use to wearing my "New Glasses"! I wore this outfit to hangout with my cousins and husband before he left to go back to the ship.

Versatility is a Must! 

I can see clearer now the Rain is gone! Check out more RayBans below...xoxoMotifMana

Leopard Hat

Hey guys these are more pictures from a few weeks ago. I wore this outfit to work on my usual skirt day. It was actually an overcast day with scattered showers off and on.Thankfully the rain stopped for a moment for us to do a quick shoot. I kept my "Leopard Hat" on until I got in the building and put it back on as soon as I left. I can't deny that I am truly a lover of all types of hats so the "Leopard Hat" was a great addition! What do you guys think?

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Forest Green

Hey Guys I am sharing more old pics until I start shooting again!! I am going back to work next week , my cousin/brother is heading back to his Navy ship ( he came home for mom's funeral) , my daughter and hubby will be extremely busy also and I feel like I am starting a new life. Especially since Ken started driving her own car and I don't have to head to the nursing home or hospital everyday. Anyway I'm trying to work on this new me.... I am going to get extremely busy on my many goals and aspirations. Cords, cardigans, and boots are pretty much what I wear every Thursday during the cold months. I wore a pair of  "Forest Green" cords, a burgundy shirt, a multicolor cardigan and riding boots for a shoot a few weeks ago. Check them out!

           Photography by Kennedy

                                   Endless Possibilities! Checkout more cords below..xoxo MotifMana

Off to The Movie Theater

Blogging has become somewhat of a catharsis for me. Although I haven't been up to shooting nor getting dressed up lately, I found some pics that I hadn't shared with you guys. First of all let me just say thanks for the love that all of you showed me over the last few weeks. I am not there yet but I am getting there. Thanks again for keeping my family and me in your prayers also!:) It was deeply needed and appreciated!  I found these pictures from the day after Christmas ;we were headed to the movies to see "Django". I'm certain by now everyone has seen it. If you haven't SMH....Get to the "Movie Theater "ASAP :)!!

Very Cold Day Indeed...Brrr!!!

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Playing In the Rain

 It has literally been "Raining" Cats and Dogs allllll week long......! I mean some good ole sleeping for hours on end type of  "Rain"...If you know what I mean :)?!  Despite the "Rain", work awaits so sleep has to be put on the back burner:((! We decided to do a quick  shoot outside today. I wore my  much needed rain galoshes , orange cords, a multicolor sweater and  a denim shirt for "Playing In the Rain". Did you guys  experience much rain this week?

Borrowed my Ken Ken's umbrella  to stay dry :>
I think I need these (Hunters) in more colors?!?
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 Ok well....... not quite Brick! But close more like Burgundy:)! This was another busy weekend so I found a dress in my wardrobe  that would be easy enough for a Monday morning. I paired it with burgundy tights and tan chunky oxfords. I hope you guys have a wonderful week! Smooches...MotifMana!

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"Homecoming".....What a great theme for an Art Show! I ask my husband what is the exigence behind the title "Homecoming". He expound that his state of mind  at the time was on his move back to the town he grew up in and seeing so many things daily that is reminiscent of his childhood. The show  in my opinion was all about "Coming Home"! It was very nice to see my  husband and his twin brother (whom he has been collaborating with since they were children) showing their work and explicating on  each piece. It was also very good to see family, friends and colleagues come out to support the show. What a blessing to have people take time out of their  schedules, coming off the heels of the holidays to support you! We are grateful indeed! My Aunt Judy always reminds me and everyone that life is all about showing love! I felt nothing but love in the entire space of the "David Lusk Art Gallery" on Friday night. Once again I  put together some things from my closet that I purchased last Fall the night before (trying my best to stick with this no shopping thing... well unless I'm traveling) ;) Shopping while traveling is a must !! I am wearing a bird motif satin blouse, dressy joggers, suede pumps, rose gold clutch and jewels. 
A shot before heading out!
The husbs and Aunt Marie: follow his blog at

My best friend Tamieko for over twenty years absolutely love her !
Beautiful artists: Tobacco and Susan always so chic!
My friend Stephanie looking beautiful!
Susan is the Epitome of style and a great artist!
Meiko, Renee and I : Beautiful!!!
Mana Mane.....
My Besties Sylvia and Dee!
Love my Sylvie Poo..!
I can't begin to tell you how much I love hanging out with these ladies:Nothing but laughs and love!
I bought this clutch from Target on sale :I had to have it in  Rose Gold;)!

Sandy and I...She is looking so good!Proud of her!
My favorite  black pumps:Took them off as soon as I left ...Ha!
Showing love and Support:Always!
My humble budding photographer among so many other things: Proud of my Sweetpie!
The responses to this piece were quite intriguing!
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Back to Black.... ( Work) !

It is officially 2013! I know this because I am back at work... HA! Yep on a Wednesday with no outfits planned for this short week! I 'll work on getting organized this weekend ;)!  Wednesdays are skirt days  ( in my world !) so I put together a Black turtleneck, Black Booties, Black printed tights and a high waisted Full Fall khaki skirt ( heavier material )! Through on some leather gloves with a plaid coat and I was on my way! Did you guys return to work today?

Having Mixed Emotions !?!
Loving my messy twist up!

 It wasn't that bad!:) Find other  Skirts below! Much Love ..MotifMana