Crushing Velvet...New Years Eve!

     I know that many people flocked to the stores to shop for the perfect New Years outfit for weeks in advanced ! I actually had no idea what I would be wearing or going this New Years Eve until a few hours before I left my house. I  usually go to church and maybe to a friend's house for New Years Eve. However, this year there was a change of plans. We have been so busy ( The Story of Our Lives)  preparing for parties and shows that we never talked about it. Earlier in the day, my friends and I decided to go to Alchemy. We had so much fun! I planned my outfit an hour before I left the house . I bought this " Velvet  Dress "three years ago but like so many things in my closet it had never been worn! I  paired it with leopard tights from last year, a metallic clutch,and patent leather pumps. We met up with friends and had a ball bringing in the New Year! I have some commitments this year that I refuse not to fulfill! Daily time in prayer and his word is a must!!! What are some of your commitments or resolutions for the New Year? 

                       Bringing the Year in with this man is always a blessing!
                                                                 Crushing Velvet!:)

                     Blurry but my buddies Dee and them:)!
                       Jennifer hung out with us!!To Much Fun
 My Soul Friend: Sylvia...Love her:)!!
Photography by Kennedy Smith

I pray that your New Year is filled with Love, Peace, Joy and many laughs!! Find more cute party   dresses below! Happy NewYear...MotifMana