Forest Green

Hey Guys I am sharing more old pics until I start shooting again!! I am going back to work next week , my cousin/brother is heading back to his Navy ship ( he came home for mom's funeral) , my daughter and hubby will be extremely busy also and I feel like I am starting a new life. Especially since Ken started driving her own car and I don't have to head to the nursing home or hospital everyday. Anyway I'm trying to work on this new me.... I am going to get extremely busy on my many goals and aspirations. Cords, cardigans, and boots are pretty much what I wear every Thursday during the cold months. I wore a pair of  "Forest Green" cords, a burgundy shirt, a multicolor cardigan and riding boots for a shoot a few weeks ago. Check them out!

           Photography by Kennedy

                                   Endless Possibilities! Checkout more cords below..xoxo MotifMana