50 plus Stripes....

Hey guys I'm so excited, this is my 50th post...!! Yaaay!!! I am learning so much about blogging everyday and I absolutely love chatting with you guys! Things aren't exactly where I want them to be right now but I am trying my best to be patient and work hard:)!!! I have a lot in store and I can't wait until its manifested! On a different note my domain is finally up and working after months of frustration. So you can just enter motifmana.com in the address bar to go straight to my blog. This should make things somewhat easier  to connect with me.  So I wore a Striped Blazer, Hot Pink Trousers, Bow Blouse and High heel Oxfords to work  on my usual trousers day. This is one of the   outfits I displayed on my previous post.  What do you guys think?

Your comments are appreciated ...Happy Pre-Valentines Day Loves ....MotifMana

  Forever 21 Blazer:Similar Here
Express trousers:Similar Here
Steven Oxfords:Similar Here