Penciling It In

Ok please dont't ask me what look I was going for with  this shoot! Heck I don't know myself....! I guess retro meets rocker chic....Ha! I tried to consider all factors that would take place during  last night's events; weather, standing, after parties, and socializing with friends later in the evening. Plus the dress code was casual  which means that you can wear whatever you want. The hubs and I went to the opening reception for ,"Memphis Artist's of the Future", at the Dixon Gallery and Gardens (His work is in the show). I didn't plan an outfit as usual because I am still getting back to myself  and I didn't "Pencil It In" earlier in the week.  However we ran to the square to do a quick shoot on the way out. No camera's allowed in the museum! I wore this Leopard" Pencil Skirt", paired it with a denim shirt to loosen up the look (didn't feel like being too dressy) booties, leather jacket and a dash of whimsy with the hot pink clutch! What do you guys think?

Things are looking up!

Off to the Show! I really appreciate your comments..:)! Cuter Leopard Pencil Skirts Below...XoXo MotifMana