Planning My Week

Hey guys I am back to planning my work week! I have not planned any outfits since last year. I normally plan my whole wardrobe for months in advance! I know that I sound like a total control freak but that is the only way that I can stay organize! I have to plan what I am wearing because I am not a last minute person!!!! Plus who has time to plan an outfit at 5 in the morning?! I usually don't go anywhere at the last minute either so please don't invite me anywhere unless you have some free tickets to see John Mayer or someone you know I love!!!!;). I have to try everything on including accessories to make sure it looks the way I want it to! You guys know what I'm talking about! It has to be and look RIGHT!! Or else you don't feel comfortable!  I try not to wear really high-end clothes or shoes to work, especially being in the profession that I am in. It doesn't make since for me to wear a pair of red soles or YSLs to teach students. Don't you agree? So I have shared with some friends the way I plan my work week and  I thought that I would share these tips with you guys too!  I hope this make planning your week easier:)! I will try to blog about most of these outfits later this week!!! Take a look.....

1. Mondays: I start off the week with a dress and heels. Wearing dresses at the beginning of the work week makes getting out of the door easier for me. It also adds a feminine touch to one of the hardest days of the week and gives me the extra momentum I need  to get my week going. 
Orange Sweater Dress, Royal Blue Belt, Leopard Heels and leopard flats to transition in to.
2.Tuesdays: I wear dressy trousers or pants suits with heels. It's still  very early in the week so I like to be somewhat dressy.

Hot Pink  Wide Leg Trousers, Striped blazer, Bow blouse, Black Heel Oxfords and flats to transition in to.
3.Wednesdays: are all about skirts and heels. I love skirts so sometimes I wear them on Mondays too! But Mostly on Wednesdays. I always bring a pair flats that match my heels to wear once my feet get tired. 
Brown polka dot skirt, grey turtleneck sweater, snakeskin pumps and snakeskin flats to transition in to. 

4. Thursdays: are straight trousers or cords days. All of these themes allow me to get a chance to actually wear my clothes. Because sometimes I forget what's in my closet. This Thursday is Valentines Day so I decided to  wear red and be somewhat dressy!:)

Grey trousers, navy and red blazer, red suede round toe pumps and red suede flats to transition in to. 
5. Fridays: are skinny loose fitting trousers or cords. I kinda break the rules on Fridays because I don't always get to wear jeans so I wear the next best thing. Skinny trousers when its nice and skinny cords when its cold. Usually with boots or kicks.

This week red  skinny cords, grey and red turtleneck and grey converse. I'll still be celebrating V-Day:)
Your comments are appreciated...Much Love MotifMana

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