Easter...Floral Blazer

Hi everyone!!! It seems like forever since I 've posted!! I have been sooo sick, Yes Again...!! I had a sinus infection last month but obviously it didn't clear up completely and as soon as my immune system got low that dang infection crept back in. I've always felt like that I take pretty good care of myself but I'm trying to do a better job by making some drastic changes to my daily regimen. I am up and feeling much better...Thank you Jesus!!! I am so grateful to God and the sacrifice he made and gave to all of us  over two thousand years ago!!! I woke up this morning excited to head down to the Cannon Center where three Fellowship Memphis locations joined together under one roof! God showed up and showed out in the Cannon Center today. Bryan Loritts, head pastor of "Fellowship Memphis", delivered a fiery message on that sacrificial gift that Jesus so freely gave to all of us!!! I know that I 'm incapable of doing and being anything without HIM!!!! Extremely thankful that "He is mine and I am His" !!!!  Sooo, It has been raining off and on all weekend but I  didn't let that stop me from dressing  like Spring is in the air. I got  up early to figure out what I would be wearing today. I knew I wanted to feel whimsical so  I paired this Zara Floral Blazer from last Spring with a Sheer Royal Blue Maxi dress from a couple of years ago to head to church on Easter Sunday. Check it out...!

The Sun finally came out.....!!
It's been a challenging first few months of the year...Which lets me know that God has great things 
in store...! I can't wait!!

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