Orange, Leopard and Oh Royal

 Hey guys I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. I had a pretty laid back weekend myself. I went to work, the gym and  took in a movie on Friday with the hubs.  On Saturday I hit the gym up, did a little grocery shopping and caught up on episodes of  "Downton Abbey".  If you are a fan of Literary Fiction than you would  absolutely love this show. You can watch the first season on Netflix, the second season on the PBS website and the show on Sundays nights on PBS. We went to church today, lunch and back home to prepare for the week.  I wanted to share with you guys  another one of the outfits from my "Weekly Planning Post". I wore this Orange Sweater Dress, Royal blue belt, and Leopard pumps a couple of Mondays ago before I got sick. What do you think? Let's Chat about it.  I hope you have the best week ever.  Also my birthday is this Thursday.... So I'm pretty excited!!! 

Hey guys I really appreciate your comments...xoxo MotifMana

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