Floral + Denim

 Hey guys, I hope that everyone had a wonderful start to their week! Today was sooo beautiful; especially after a weekend of nothing but rain...(blah)!  The Sunshine and warm weather was so refreshing! I couldn't wait to get outside and enjoy the Sun Rays. Today I wore  a dress from the Prabal Gurung collaboration with Target. No.... I didn't sprint to the stores when the collection first came out; I was actually sick in bed!:( Anywho... I was elated that I was able to grab a few pieces off the sales rounder a few weeks later. I think I paid eleven dollars for this dress; I can't remember!  Anyway, I know it wasn't a lot. I originally wanted some of the other pieces from the collection but I am fine with what I ended up with. I put together this Floral dress with a Denim Jacket, black and gold metal belt and black high-heel sandals to kick this work week off. By the way we only have about twenty days left in the school year!!:))))

Accentuated my waist by cinching it in with this F21 belt!
Last year's Prada Sunnies( still one of my favorites) ...!
Denim Jackets are excellent staple pieces; they can be paired with any thing...!:) 
Tory Burch Hobo Amanda Bag...! 
Steve Madden ankle strap high heel sandals  from last year.
I had to buy these shoes in a couple of colors..!
Basking in the Beauty of the day...!
I hope you guys have a wonderful week! xoxo MotifMana


So this past Sunday after church the hubs and I ( along with everyone else in Memphis) went downtown to the,"Rajun Cajun Crawfish Festival", benefiting Porter Leath Children's Center. Believe or not.... but that was my first time at a Crawfish Festival!! I have started this gluten free diet ,well trying my best to ( IT'S SO HARD!!!) and I wanted to eat before we got down there. So we didn't eat any of the boiled crawfish since it was only being sold in a huge bucket ( I have never eaten boilded crawfish unless it was mixed in another dish). My oldest sister lives in Louisiana and she boils crawfish all the time!  I'll get her to make me some, she is an amazing cook:)!!! Nevertheless, we had a great time enjoying the beautiful sunshine and watching the  process that the crawfish have to go through before being boilded. I wanted to be comfortable so I wore a pair of high-waisted  wide leg jeans , tied an orange camp blouse up and wore a pair of all white vans to complete this 70's look. Check it out!!!

Beautiful Riverside Drive background.....!
The gentelman told us that blue and peach colored crawfish are very rare..!

"70's Baby"...Don't you agree?!!
The largest crawfish that day....(So he said)!

Walking in Memphis...Courtesy of the hubs!!!

American Apparel :Tortoise Sunnies...!

F21 blouse and Express Denim.
 (Jeans:taken up in the waist and hips for a better fit. Majority of my pants are)!

Tory Burch bag and All white Vans!

Looveee Me some Cotton Candy!! Can't you tell?!...Ha!

Hosing the Crawfish down before boiling!!!

He tried to dress like me on purpose..lol... xoxo Motifmana


Like a Tiger....!!!

Hey guys, it was a such a nice day this past Saturday. In spite of it being somewhat breezy, the sun was  out and shining bright !!! I absolutely loovvvve Saturday mornings!!! Why you may ask?! Well there is so much freedom in knowing that you can wake up early and not have to rush off anywhere. I got up had some quiet time and cleaned before heading to Xtreme Fitness for an awesome workout!!! Then I ran five miles on the Greenline, picked up a few groceries and the hubs and I headed to a friend's house for a housewarming. I was feeling good and strong you know "Like a Tiger"...;), So I kept it simple in an oversize Tiger shirt, black leggings, Tory Burch  flats, a chartreuse blazer and carried a straw leopard clutch to enjoy the beautiful day. 
Picked up the Chartreuse Blazer last summer. It was perfect for the day!
I love oversize shirts (F21)  they're great for wearing over leggings.  
I bought this straw  leopard clutch from H&M during Spring Break...!
Classic Tory Burch's always come in handy especially since I haven't started wearing sandals  yet!
I'm cold natured and the weather has been so wishy washy!:(
Off to enjoy my day...Tell me what ya think...xoxo Motifmana :)!!!


I am so sorry that my posts have become fewer each week. My photographer and I both have been extremely busy.  However, I am working to get back to posting more over the next few weeks. I am so happy that it is finally feeling like Spring and the Sun is Shining more and more each day. I am also loving  and enjoying the longer days.I love being outside and being active when the weather is nice and warm. Oh, I forgot tell you guys about the races that I have signed up for. My first race is May 23rd and I am so excited!!!  I love running, I stop running as much because of a knee injury from a few years ago but I'm not letting that stop me from obtaining my goals. I'll  tell you guys more about it in the upcoming weeks. Well it's Monday again and I am wearing a Floral Tucker dress from Target, Leopard belt and Tan pointy toe pumps. Do you guys remember when Tucker teamed up with Target a few years ago?! I purchased  a few cute pieces that I absolutely love. Check it out..and remember I value your comments! Wishing you guys a Magnificent week..Motifmana.... :)!!!

I'm loving this weather...!

Basking in the Beauty of this Day... !!!!

Fashion Is So Out..!

 I truly believe that "Fashion Is So Out'" and "Personal Style" is In.  From my perspective Fashion is about whatever the latest trend is and what's poplar at the moment. Style is all about  your own relationship with  the clothes you buy and yourself. Making that  connection with each garment and feeling good while wearing it. It also has everything to with  being able to go to your closet and pull something out from years back and creating a dynamic outfit out of it! Fashion to me is buying the latest trend off the rack and wearing it without making it your own. I do understand that not everyone love clothes the way I do and I don't see anything wrong with that! I also understand that everyone has their own unique personal style. Although I can be very opinionated when it come to clothes,  I do know that God made all of us different for a reason..!  Anyway I can't begin to tell you guys how much  I  have been on a graphic tee frenzy for Ken and I.  Ergo, I had to have this graphic tee, "Fashion Is So Out", along with some others.  I wore this outfit to hangout with the hubs on this Beautiful Sunny Saturday. Check it out..........xoxo MotifMana
Absolutely loving the sunshine, Carrying a JCREW clutch from last Fall .....!
Tribal Leggings and the  Trolley Tour....... Ha!
Copped this sequin bomber last Fall from Forever 21..!
 Sunnies from a boutique in Atlanta last summer..!

Canvas and leather Chucks from Saks last year and 21 Tee..!