So this past Sunday after church the hubs and I ( along with everyone else in Memphis) went downtown to the,"Rajun Cajun Crawfish Festival", benefiting Porter Leath Children's Center. Believe or not.... but that was my first time at a Crawfish Festival!! I have started this gluten free diet ,well trying my best to ( IT'S SO HARD!!!) and I wanted to eat before we got down there. So we didn't eat any of the boiled crawfish since it was only being sold in a huge bucket ( I have never eaten boilded crawfish unless it was mixed in another dish). My oldest sister lives in Louisiana and she boils crawfish all the time!  I'll get her to make me some, she is an amazing cook:)!!! Nevertheless, we had a great time enjoying the beautiful sunshine and watching the  process that the crawfish have to go through before being boilded. I wanted to be comfortable so I wore a pair of high-waisted  wide leg jeans , tied an orange camp blouse up and wore a pair of all white vans to complete this 70's look. Check it out!!!

Beautiful Riverside Drive background.....!
The gentelman told us that blue and peach colored crawfish are very rare..!

"70's Baby"...Don't you agree?!!
The largest crawfish that day....(So he said)!

Walking in Memphis...Courtesy of the hubs!!!

American Apparel :Tortoise Sunnies...!

F21 blouse and Express Denim.
 (Jeans:taken up in the waist and hips for a better fit. Majority of my pants are)!

Tory Burch bag and All white Vans!

Looveee Me some Cotton Candy!! Can't you tell?!...Ha!

Hosing the Crawfish down before boiling!!!

He tried to dress like me on purpose..lol... xoxo Motifmana