Fashion Is So Out..!

 I truly believe that "Fashion Is So Out'" and "Personal Style" is In.  From my perspective Fashion is about whatever the latest trend is and what's poplar at the moment. Style is all about  your own relationship with  the clothes you buy and yourself. Making that  connection with each garment and feeling good while wearing it. It also has everything to with  being able to go to your closet and pull something out from years back and creating a dynamic outfit out of it! Fashion to me is buying the latest trend off the rack and wearing it without making it your own. I do understand that not everyone love clothes the way I do and I don't see anything wrong with that! I also understand that everyone has their own unique personal style. Although I can be very opinionated when it come to clothes,  I do know that God made all of us different for a reason..!  Anyway I can't begin to tell you guys how much  I  have been on a graphic tee frenzy for Ken and I.  Ergo, I had to have this graphic tee, "Fashion Is So Out", along with some others.  I wore this outfit to hangout with the hubs on this Beautiful Sunny Saturday. Check it out..........xoxo MotifMana
Absolutely loving the sunshine, Carrying a JCREW clutch from last Fall .....!
Tribal Leggings and the  Trolley Tour....... Ha!
Copped this sequin bomber last Fall from Forever 21..!
 Sunnies from a boutique in Atlanta last summer..!

Canvas and leather Chucks from Saks last year and 21 Tee..!