I am so sorry that my posts have become fewer each week. My photographer and I both have been extremely busy.  However, I am working to get back to posting more over the next few weeks. I am so happy that it is finally feeling like Spring and the Sun is Shining more and more each day. I am also loving  and enjoying the longer days.I love being outside and being active when the weather is nice and warm. Oh, I forgot tell you guys about the races that I have signed up for. My first race is May 23rd and I am so excited!!!  I love running, I stop running as much because of a knee injury from a few years ago but I'm not letting that stop me from obtaining my goals. I'll  tell you guys more about it in the upcoming weeks. Well it's Monday again and I am wearing a Floral Tucker dress from Target, Leopard belt and Tan pointy toe pumps. Do you guys remember when Tucker teamed up with Target a few years ago?! I purchased  a few cute pieces that I absolutely love. Check it out..and remember I value your comments! Wishing you guys a Magnificent week..Motifmana.... :)!!!

I'm loving this weather...!

Basking in the Beauty of this Day... !!!!