Like a Tiger....!!!

Hey guys, it was a such a nice day this past Saturday. In spite of it being somewhat breezy, the sun was  out and shining bright !!! I absolutely loovvvve Saturday mornings!!! Why you may ask?! Well there is so much freedom in knowing that you can wake up early and not have to rush off anywhere. I got up had some quiet time and cleaned before heading to Xtreme Fitness for an awesome workout!!! Then I ran five miles on the Greenline, picked up a few groceries and the hubs and I headed to a friend's house for a housewarming. I was feeling good and strong you know "Like a Tiger"...;), So I kept it simple in an oversize Tiger shirt, black leggings, Tory Burch  flats, a chartreuse blazer and carried a straw leopard clutch to enjoy the beautiful day. 
Picked up the Chartreuse Blazer last summer. It was perfect for the day!
I love oversize shirts (F21)  they're great for wearing over leggings.  
I bought this straw  leopard clutch from H&M during Spring Break...!
Classic Tory Burch's always come in handy especially since I haven't started wearing sandals  yet!
I'm cold natured and the weather has been so wishy washy!:(
Off to enjoy my day...Tell me what ya think...xoxo Motifmana :)!!!