Black with a Dash of Whimsy.....

First let me start this post off by wishing all of the wonderful mothers a, "Happy  and Bless Mothers Day"! Last night the hubs and I made our way to the Brooks Museum for the ,"Grand Auction". There were no shortage of events to attend in Memphis this past weekend.  With all of the Artshows, The Grizzlies Game (which we won... Go Grizz!!), The Redbirds Game, Graduations, The Greek Festival and so much more! Memphis has become quite the festive city!

Initially the hubs and I had planned on going to Sumner, Mississippi to attend  an art-show ( which he told me about on Thursday :) )..! Then he remembered that he had to paint a painting with his twin brother at the Brooks Museum. He was finishing up his finals all week and I was preparing my students for exams/graduation activities, so it slipped both of our minds! Nevertheless we took everything in stride and prepared to attend the event.

The weather was windy and cool all day with a low of 48 that night so, I opted to wear long sleeves especially since the auction would be held outside in a tent. I wore a black long sleeve maxi style dress with a front slit, sequin wide belt, orange and gold strappy heels and I carried a leopard clutch.

I purchased the dress in NYC this past Spring!
Thank God for good this chick!
Fell in love with this sequin belt  at first sight from Anthropologie (purchased this past winter)!

My wonderful husband and I..!

My  beautiful blue nails that I absolutely love added a dash of "Whimsy"! I will be getting this color again on my toes too! It's OPI can't remember the name! 

Zara's orange gold and nude strappy sandals!
H&M leopard clutch and Oh my, tan courtesy of running outside ..!
Natural Bun and Soft makeup: blush(MAC, a little masacara (Loreal),Lips (NARS) and gold eye shadow(Revlon)
The TWINs  collaborating on a live painting! 
The entire look (Prada Sunnies)! Much Love Motifmana..:)!