"Pomp and Circumstance"

For many of us the month of ,"May", is synonymous with, "Pomp and Circumstance"...! There is never a shortage of festivities occuring during the month of May!We are either attending, participating in,chaperoning or planning some type of event. I'm pretty sure that all of you were invited or apart of ; a graduation,anniversary,retirement party, or a promotion this month! Since the beginning of the month, I have been immensely engaged in some type of event every single week. Last week was one for the books in my opionion!!Well, let me expalin; last week was "Senior Week" and it was filled with many activities for the students (teachers too). Monday-Skating and Bowling,Tuesday-Trip to the U.S Space& Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama (I had to be up at 4am), Wednesday -Senior Picnic,Thursday-Six Flags over St.Louis ( up at 2am in bed at 4am the next day),Friday-Graduation Practice and Senior Lucheon ( up at 7:15am). I was operating off of 3 hours of sleep! I couldn't wait to get home to my bed.!!! Plus, I ate waaayyyy  too much!!! So,  Bikram,  workout classes and my runs were also calling my name.

The lack of sleep and eating food that I don't normally eat made me feel lethargic and just plainy crappy!! By Sunday, I was feeling somewhat better. I took in a 7am Bikram Yoga class then the hubs and I attended Ken -Ken's program at church that morning at 10am ( she was absolutely amazing). The two graduates ( Katherine and Mackenzie )spoke and they were awesome! Unfortunately we couldn't stay for the lucheon after church ;I had to get to the graduation ceremony for my students!I must say that I am so proud of my students!!! As I sat on stage and watched them marched down the aisle tto " Pomp and Circumstance", my eyes wailed up with tears. I  also thought about my nieces and nephew Myles (Class 2012), my niece Taylor (Class of 2013) and my niece Brooke ( class 2014) . I wasn't able to make their ceremonies but I am still so proud of all them (proud auntie). Next year my sweet girl will be graduating and it will be so bitter-sweet for me! Another neice of mines (Ilisabeth)is also graduating along with many other friends (they are growing up too fast!!:( Next year is going to be an extremely busy year for me (inserts... *sighs*)!!!  Oh well, after we left the ceremony we decided to walk around downtown to grab a bite to eat and snap a few shots.

I had to pull my hairback inorder for me to wear my cap and gown on stage!(The humidity was working against me)!

I love this dress it's so girly! Zara last Summer.....
My favorite Sunnies: Pink Chloe's...

Red Jessica Simpson barely there peep toe pumps..!

Tory Burch Amanda Blue clutch...!

After lunch we stopped for yogurt! I love sorbet and blueberries( my favorite)...!

I want to hear about some of the events that you have or are attending this month!
Do Share ...Much Love...Sharmana!