70 Days of Summer Part 2..!

Hey Guys please forgive me for posting the second part of my,"70 Days of Summer Part 2", Soooo late. I wanted to get it in before the New Year. Keeping my word is so important to me! So here are more pictures from Summer 2013. Don't forget to leave comments and join my site by clicking on the blue join my site button to the right of the site. I appreciate your support! Thanks guys!:)

Having Fun In Atlanta with my hubs!:)

At The Black Arts Festival with my hubs!

In Chicago, I was shopping and he was patiently waiting! I love shopping with him!
He is so patient with me ( he never complains!:)

The Hubs and I at the Peabody..!
In Chicago with Ken….
I loved wearing the scarf ! Feeling like Jackie O here!:)
City Chic!!!!
Acting Silly with my hubs and friends…!

Dropping Ken off at the airport to go to Italy!


Trolley Tour with my hubs..! 

Black Is Beautiful : Studio Museum of Harlem!
My first time fishing and I caught a fish: I was soo excited!!
My first 5k and yes I was excited especially about my time: 26 minutes !:)
One of the best moments of the summer was visiting," Niagara Falls", with my hubs!
In Toronto: I loovee summer and traveling!
At the only wedding I went to in 2013!:)
Supporting My hubs at " National Black Arts Festival Gala"!
In New York getting off of the Subway! Choose Love always!!!
The Hubs and I:)!!!
 Heading  to eat lunch with the hubs !!!!

In Cleveland Ohio at the "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum!
In Atlantic Station…at the Lynn's Family Reunion!

I love Downtown Toronto!!! 
Be Be and me at the Essence Music Festival! 
I had such an amazing summer and I am looking forward to Summer 2014!
 I'm sure it will be just as fabulous! Please leave all comments and questions below!