Some of My Happiest Moments of 2013!!!!!

Hi Guys, I pray that everyone is enjoying this Amazing Holiday Season. I have had such a wonderful time with my family this year!!! While on my run yesterday, I started to reminisce over some of the, "Happiest Moments", that I've had in 2013. I absolutely loveeee running and how it clears my head!!  It really allows the creative juices to flow so easily!  So, I decided  to share with you some photos from some of the best moments or  ( lost files) from 2013. These are photos from September through Now!!! Of course I didn't capture every, "Happy Moment", but these are some of the ones I did!:)

One of the best nights of the year!
Anniversary dinner with my hubby at Flight!:) #Happy-girl
I love Bikram Yoga and my friend  Shun!
She such an inspiration:Plus whenever I am doing yoga;I am happy!:)
Aruba is my favorite island thus far!

Runyon Canyon with my hubs!
Made me want to move to LA! Super Exhilarating!!!
Hiking with Ken was amazing! I never travel and do what everyone else does!
Will be going to LA more often!!
College Tours with Ken was so much fun this year!
I was so blessed to spend so much quality time with my sweet girl!
 I know that I will never get those moments back again! 
Standford University with Ken!
On Rodeo Drive with Ken Ken!:)
Fall Break at the LACMA….!
Dancing On Christmas Day too much Fun….Ken and Aunt Mary Jean!!!
 This was an amazing moment! Hair blowing in the wind in November!:)
"Gone With The Wind Fabulous"!
 I love traveling to warm places during the cold months!
I will be doing more of this in the upcoming year!
The day I picked up my bib for the St. Jude Marathon 
was one of the happiest moments of my year although the race 
was cancelled; it was still amazing! Can't wait for the next race!

The Day after Christmas : dancing at my sister  Asia's house sooo much fun :
 Betty (mother), India (sissy) and Hillary (cousin-sister) …!
Ken and Mommy on Christmas Morning…!
Celebrating my sister  Asia's 40th Bday with my oldest sister India…!  
In LA…!
Dressing Room Selfie…!
San Francisco my new favorite city: Fall Break 2013..!
India Arie's Concert!
Fort Lauderdale Fall 2013…! Feeling really umm!!!!
Bahamas Fall 2013..!

SanFrancisco Fall 2013..!
Golden Gate Bridge Fall 2013...
My man and I:)!!!!
Aruba in the Fall!
I love this headband…!
Harlem…Fall 2013!

Cooper Young Festival with my hubs..!
Delta Art Show with my hubs… Fall 2013!

Date Night with the hub:First cool night of Fall..!
Mondays my usual dress day!

John Mayer's concert with Ken Ken…!

Wednesdays: skirt days…!
I pray for nothing but Peace, Love, Joy and Prosperity for you in 2014.
 Please leave all comments and questions below.
I would love to answer any questions concerning the photos.
Love Sharmana!