Art and New Friends…!

Hey Dolls, the hubs and I was invited to our friend Megan's house last night to mingle with other artists from the city. Contrary to popular belief; I'm never eager to go around people I don't know. Especially in small intimate settings. Although, I can work a room; I can be quite guarded and introverted at times. I know that many of you are thinking…..Uhhh??? (the things you learn about yourself the older you get)!!! I actually have a tendency to avoid people but I'm working on that!:) Nevertheless, we had a really good time plus Megan was an awesome host!:) The food was super good, we talked a lot about:Art, Fashion, Traveling (MY FAVS) and we met some"New Friends"!!!

Forever 21 denim and sweater…!

Zara Booties and Alexander Wang Bag…!

The Hubs and Bien …!

The decor was absolutely beautiful…!

That dog is so spoiled and will jump up in anyone's lap!:)

Details …Love the fingerless gloves…!
Intimate Setting, Art, Fashion and New Friends…What more can a girl ask for?
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