Baby It's Colddd….Outside!!!

Baby It's Colddd Outside, No Doubt about that!!!!:)  But, I kept warm today: by attending church with my favorite guy on the first Sunday of the New Year ( the Spirit of God warmed my heart like never before, *tears of joy*), chatting over lunch with the hubs, breaking a sweat in Bikam Yoga ( wouldn't be Bikram if it wasn't " Super Warm"), and watching the season premier of  one of my favorite shows, "Downton Abbey")!! Also a special thanks and hello to my new followers. I am so elated that you joined my site! Thank you very much!!!
Wearing a Fuchsia hat from F21 and  Teal Scarf from Target..!
Vintage Leopard Coat and  Black Leather Gloves…! 
Prada Sunnies and Rhinestone Earrings…!
Black Lucky Brand Riding Boots…!
Lucky Brand  Black Riding Boots..!
Thank you for all the support that you all have shown me!
Thank you for taking a look into my world!
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