Black Friday…!

This past 'Friday',  I along with many other yogis from ,"Bikram Yoga Memphis", attended a lecture presented by renowned yogi, "Jim Kallet". If you don't know by now, I absolutely love,"Bikram", so it would only be right for me to attend the event.  I didn't get the opportunity to attend all of the festivities but I'm glad I attended the lecture. I decided that I needed to wear something really easy and simple, since, I didn't get a chance to go home after work.  It was all about Black this past Friday"...!:)

So, I don't usually wear all Black or almost all Black!
Color has always been my thing
But I found this outfit to be really easy!:)
Easy exactly what I needed after a long hard day!.
Zara Shirt with leather shoulder pads…!

Urban Outfitters Black Acid Washed Jeans…!

TB bag And Sam Edelman Wedge Booties..!

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