New Year's Eve…2K14!!!

Happy New Year Lovelies!! I'm so grateful that God blessed me to see another year. 2013 had it's share of ups and downs but I made the most of it! I decided not to make any resolutions this year but I am working to become a better person than I was last year. Many people complain about others making resolutions but I don't get in an uproar about people's decisions (after all it's their life and if they aren't hurting you or themselves why get your blood pressure up) I'm just saying!:)  I like when people make resolutions and goals for their future. From my perspective resolutions, demonstrate hope for the fu
ture and where there is hope people persevere. My goals this year aren't much different than last year:  I want to have a stronger relationship with Jesus, be a better wife to my husband (he so deserves it), a better mother to Ken, a better friend to all of my family and friends (Lord knows that we all need good friends), trust and believe in myself more and forgive quicker! One of my biggest lessons learned in 2013 is that true forgiveness is a hard pill to swallow especially when you feel that you have been wronged but you become a better person when you do.

So, the hubs and I went to Alchemy and Ejoi with friends to bring in the New Year ( It wasn't our original plan) but  we had fun nevertheless. I love dancing and I just wanted to dance all night ( dancing is such a stress reliever). I decided to  put some pieces together from my closet to bring in the New Year. I originally thought about wearing sequin but I settled on disco pants and a velvet crop top. Check it out!
Hi- Waisted Disco pants from American Apparel and
Velvet crop top on sale at Urban Outfitters… !
Carrying a Chanel Mini bag…!
Wearing Giuseppe Zanotti Suede Pumps…!

Michael Kors watch , beaded bracelets and David Yurman Bangles…!

 Ready to dance the night away
New Year; New Beginnings….!
Flips my hair……. whoop whoop!:)
Thankful for my hubs…! 
My friend Chasity straightened my hair and it was super straight for about one hour!Loll
#Bushyhairproblems but I loved it!
Nine West Fur Coat…! 

Dana  (Sweethoneypiesblog) called me a Dancing Queen: Exactly what I felt like!:)
Peace Out 2013…!!!

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I pray that God will fill your  year with  love, peace, happiness and prosperity!
Leave comments below.. Much love in 2014 Sharmana!!