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I hope that you are enjoying your summer thus far! Since, coming home from our family vacation, I have been super busy getting Ken ready for her mission trip to Mexico and catching up on daily errands. A few years ago, I told myself that I was going to make a concerted effort to spend more time with my friends and family during the summer months. As a woman, I am a firm believer that we get about ten good days a month that  you totally feel like yourself  (women, you guys know what I am talking about…Right?!). So, during those feel good days, I  like to spend some of time with the people I love and  that are easy to be around. With all of that being said, I don't have just one "Style". I wear and like a little bit of everything. I am a simple, variety, effortless chic  kind of girl!! I dress differently on vacation then I do for work, hanging out, dinner, date nights, church and regular days. I love having a lot of choices to choose from, otherwise  I'd get Super bored!! I will always believe that your individual "Style",  is definitive of your personality. 

Last Thursday night,  I went to dinner with my friend Quita, we wanted to go somewhere neither one of us had been before.  And since, Overton Square is growing and is Super chic these days; we decided on, "Second Line". The ambiance was nice, and the food was pretty good. The menu is a'la carte and  reasonably priced with a Cajun flair.  But the conversation and the company was even better!:) If you know me, than you know that I am Super Silly and I looovvee to laugh. I don't like tooting my own horn but I do have a great sense of humor!:)  So, thats exactly what we did: we ate, talked and laughed a whole lot!! Check out my,"Style" for my dinner date with Quita. 

I originally  purchased this dress for Ken, but she didn't like how it looked on her.
So, I gladly took it off her hands:)  A lot of the clothes  that I wear is not her "Style".
While, she believes that I look cute in my clothes;
she doesn't like all of them  for her self.
She has more of a hippie "Style" that I absolutely adore!
Ken and I sooo love the boho chic look. That is my go to "Style" for this summer!
I've always been a fan but I've been a tad bit obsessed lately!:/
My dress is from Forever 21; I' m not sure if it is still available.
I've had these very cute colorful bangles for years now  but
I've been wearing them a whole lot lately.
Easy access I guess..!:)
My  Woven Orange Clutch is from a consignment store from last summer.
It's vintage and Super Cute. The inside is genuine leather. Such a great deal!
I love dainty clutches..!
Quita is wearing a F21 dress and Nine West sandals.
Her Extra Large clutches are handmade.
 She has them in every color..!
I think it is  safe to say that we were having a good natural hair day.
Quita's define twist out was on point!
My hair had been in plaits since returning home from my family vacay.
I work out just about everyday for 2-3 hours so, I don't have
a whole lot of  time to deal with my hair.
 Nor, do I have the patience!!!
My shoes are Calvin Klein and Oh  sooo comfy…! I'm so in love with them!!

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Down. On. The. "West Coast". Part Two..!

I hope you guys enjoyed the details and styles from the first part of  Down. On. The."West Coast". I must say driving out "West" in itself was quite astounding. The desert is so beautiful and the scenic route is nothing short of amazing.  Seeing all of the mountains, canyons, plateaus and hills, with no trees in sight for miles, captivated me.  As I drove and blasted my music, I was in such a peaceful space. While Terry drove, I was knocked clean out!:)) I'm always in awe of God's greatness, the more I travel and see the world; the deeper my love and appreciation for life grows!! The most amazing thing about this trip was our visit to the "Grand Canyon". It was absolutely beautiful! Ya know, it look  just like a postcard. So surreal!!!  I was absolutely confounded as we approached the canyons to park. I was trying hard not to look at it until we actually reached the parking lot. Heck, I was so excited and anxious, that I wanted to literally bite my self (Lol)!!  My emotions went from excitement to freaked out in a matter of seconds!!! You MUST place it on your bucket list as one your have to visit  destinations. We have so many great sights to see right here in our own back yard. I feel so blessed to have seen a small amount... The possibilities are limitless!! Take a look!!
The hubs and I at the " Grand Canyon"…He sketched most of the time that we were there.
I sooo admire him!
We brought my cousin's daughter Trinika with us so that Ken could have some one to hang out with.
She was so easy and laid back. She also kept us laughing the entire time.
I was so happy that she had an opportunity to experience this trip with us. 
I am wearing a GAP  cami and Urban Outfitters American Flag  denim shorts.
Ray Ban aviators,  Gap cardigan and Keds slip ons.
I so love this kid! Grateful that God blessed me with her.
So happy that I get to share so many amazing memories with this guy!:)
Mommy and Ken!:)
Enjoying  Life!!
Life comes around only once!!! Make sure you are making the most of it!! 
Ken is wearing an Abercrombie Romper , Gap Denim Jacket and white Vans.
Las Vegas Nights …I'm wearing: Neon Orange Shorts from American Eagle and
Floral Crop top from American Eagle..!
My sandals are from Zara and my head band is from Urban Outfitters..!
So, I bought Ken the same crop top but I also bought her the matching skirt.
 I suggested borrowing it from her but she said
"Mom, I am going to be going off to college soon, you need your own"!:(
Ken is wearing a F21 Kimono, Urban Outfitters shorts,
American Eagle Crop top and Sam Edelman Leopard gladiators….! 
By the fourth day in Vegas, The kids started talking about the beach.
 I promised them that we would go to the beach but of course there is no beach in Vegas.
So, we decided that we would abandon the desert for a couple of days
 and head to the coast for some beach side fun…!:)
We were in LA last Fall but we didn't get a chance to hit the beach..
Mainly because we were too busy with college tours.
This was another first for me!:)
I loovee hats. I'm always trying to figure out how to wear them with my natural hair.
I picked this one up at F21.
The exact same hat is at JCREW outlet and the Gap for a lil less.

My crochet Cover Up and Bikini top are both from The Gap.
Bikini Bottom from H&M..!
We decided to go to Santa Monica Beach,
there are so many great beaches in LA but I chose this one based on reviews!
I thought that it would be a lot of fun with the boardwalk and amusement park.
 I'll be going back soon! So much to do, so little time!
We had to take my little cousin to see: The Hollywood Walk of Fame, The Hollywood Sign,
to eat Roscoes Chicken and Waffles and  In-N- and Out Burger…yummy!:)
We wouldn't be good hosts if we didn't, don't you agree!?:)
Ken is wearing an F21 skirt and an American Apparel crop top!
Santa Monica Promenade is everything that I love!
I love to shop, sit,  people watch, listen to live music, patio dine and enjoy life!

My top is actually Orange Neon but the picture doesn't show the details. It's very cute.
I picked it up from American Eagle.
My shorts are from Urban Outfitters.  I absolutely  looveee them!
Wearing white and silver  Chanel Sandals and a carrying a Chanel mini..!
Life is  too short to worry about what  people think about you or complain…!
 What they think about you is their business not yours so live it up... responsibly…!:)
Black Prada Sunnies…My favs..!
My jewelry is consist of hot pink bracelets and Marc Jacobs watch.
I have been pleading with Ken to get braids for a few years for the summer since she travels a lot. 
She refused until she saw my cousin's Hillary's hair and asked for them. 
I was suppose to get them too but I didn't feel like sitting a long time. 
Ken is  wearing Urban Outfitters shorts and top..!

My sweet family at the Hoover Dam.. By this day everyone was tired.
They were ready to come home but I wasn't. I love traveling..!:) 
Mommy loves Ken..! #myheartbeat 
Yes…It's that beautiful in person. Hoover Dam!!
I'm wearing a crop tee from American Eagle. It's so soft and comfy and F21  Floral Dolphin shorts.
I love dolphin shorts they remind me of my Nike running shorts.
If you see me on any random day in the summer.
I more than likely will be wearing a pair of Nike running shorts…!:)
Ken is wearing a F21 romper and hi -top converse. 

The hubs and I….!:)
Pic from Instagram …Follow me @manasstylefiles
Ken in front of the Vegas sign…This is a picture of how I felt about this trip.
It was a lot of fun and a nice experience..!
Yes, I will be coming back. I have to do a hubby and wife get away and a girls trip to Vegas.
We had a lot of  fun and there is so much to do besides gamble. Definitely, will be flying next time though!:)
Plus, I want to see some shows. Celine is a must!:)
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Down.On.The."West Coast"..Part One !!

"Down on the West Coast, I get this feeling like it all could happen, thats why I'm leaving You for the moment, you for the moment..Yeah You"(Lana Del Rey) :)…!  I love that song by Lana Del Rey it reminds me of summer.  Hey guys, so my family and I traveled to the,"West Coast", on a family vacation for a little over a week. It was soooo much fun!!! Do you guys remember me mentioning in an earlier post  that I wanted to spend the next year doing,"38",  things that I've never done before?? Well anyway, I told you that I would share some of them with you as they happened .
 I wanted to visit Las Vegas ( I'd never been) for my birthday this year but the timing wasn't good, so the hubs and I decided that summer would be better. We initially planned on flying down there for a few days and coming on back. We aren't really gamblers or drinkers; an occasional beer, cocktail or a glass of wine for us but that's about it ( no judgements, just a little insight into who we are…!:)  Nevertheless, I wanted to experience it for myself. I had envision it to be a TOTAL different place from what it actually is. There is so much to do there and a lot for kids to do as well , especially kids over 13 years old! Anyway, after much planning, I realized that,"The Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam" were very close to Vegas and visiting them were on my bucket list. That made the trip even more exciting for me. Next, I had to convince Ken to travel with us. There was no way that I was going to see,"The Grand Canyon", without her. I pleaded with her for over a month, she already had a lot of traveling to do this summer and was not excited at all about going. To be honest she had no desire to go. I eventually gave up…. then, I thought about it, I'm going to make this decision for her myself…(Mommies Know Best…Right )?!:)) I would've regretted  seeing such an amazing sight without her!  Plus, I told her to invite someone to keep her company (Okay mom since you are making me go)…!:)  We decided the most economical way to travel and see the scenery ( also, something I've always wanted to do) would be to take a road trip. YES!!!!, It takes 24 hours to drive from Memphis to Las Vegas. Now, I know many of you are saying, "I could never do that"!! Yes, you could!! We stopped every four hours to rest, get gas and twice to sleep ( in Amarillo,TX and Flagstaff, AZ) It was a lot fun. Flagstaff, AZ was very nice ; we stayed there the longest. We had a chance to visit the old town square and Route 66. It's such a cute little town.  We played games (would you rather, named all of the states, capitols, presidents, drilled each other on historical and biblical facts), read books, sang a lot, watched movies,Youtube videos, told stories, listened to comedy and laughed a whole lot!!! It helped pass time and everyone was entertained. Of course all of us got annoyed at each other but it didn't last long. Each time  we became flustered it quickly dissipated and everyone was all smiles again!:)  I'm going to share some of the photos from Part One of  Down.On. The."West Coast"! I hope you enjoy!:)

This was actually our  last day in Las Vegas and the hottest. #104degrees
We had been blessed with much cooler weather our entire stay.
The weather was always in the 90s and really windy earlier in the week.

I bought this navy and dots two piece set from F21 last summer.
Got to love polka dots!:)
I am an effortless chic kind of girl. I never break the bank on summer clothes or everyday clothes.
 I have a philosophy about style:
As long as it looks like quality and is cute; the person wearing the piece makes it.
I like variety, I may have something for years and never wear it until I feel it is the right time.
First Stop:Flagstaff, AZ also known as Indian Country..!
Very nice mural in Flagstaff, AZ.
Las Vegas Blvd…Tory Burch Orange Sandals and Celine Bag!
I'm wearing vintage white sunnies! I'm a sucker for extra large frames!
 I always have been;the bigger the better!:)
 Flagstaff , Arizona #Route66

This was our second day in Vegas and it was hot but very windy.
 I had been sun bathing earlier that day so, I reached for an easy outfit to sight see and dinner.

 I purchased this skirt a couple of summers ago from F21.
 It's apart of their  Love 21 line so, I had to get it in an extra small.They have skirts like this periodically.
If you can't find what you are looking for there, leave a comment and I'll tell you other places to find a similar skirt.

       I am all into crop tops!!!  I hate ironing so being able to pair a crop top with a high-waisted skirt, pants or shorts is definitely my go to look for the summer.
I picked up this cute little top from F21 this year in a couple colors. They still have it!:)

Carrying my favorite go to cross body:Navy Tory Burch and wearing colorful bangles.

 Wearing Kensie gladiator sandals on  my feet and mint green earrings from F21!:)

Every morning the kids and I went to workout and then we got in the pool , jacuzzi and laid out.
We also had quiet time together and prayed. My kind of summer!:)

I don't have a perfect body but I'm pretty happy and so is He!:) 
Sunbathing in my Forever 21 floral  swim top and Gap yellow/white striped bikini and Prada sunnies ! 
I haven't bought any new swimming suits this season yet. 
I usually wait until the end of the season and rack up for Ken and I. I don't usually care if the tops and bottoms  match because I like mixing it up. Ken being a kid always want new suits every season!:/

We had just made it to the Las Vegas  Strip and boy was it windy.
 There was a wind advisory for the first few days while we were there.

I am wearing an American Eagle Crop top. I have it in several colors so
you will get to see the back of one soon!
Very cute! The pants are from my boutique Graceful K Boutique.
I love these pants, they are so comfortable and perfect for a  cool summer day or night.

Carrying a Chanel Black mini bag and wearing Sam Edelman GiGi sandals. 
I have them in several colors;they are great for walking. #SuperComfy

I am a very cold natured person so I always carry one of my denim jackets or a cardigan 
with  me everywhere I go. Great staple pieces….!

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