Down. On. The. "West Coast". Part Two..!

I hope you guys enjoyed the details and styles from the first part of  Down. On. The."West Coast". I must say driving out "West" in itself was quite astounding. The desert is so beautiful and the scenic route is nothing short of amazing.  Seeing all of the mountains, canyons, plateaus and hills, with no trees in sight for miles, captivated me.  As I drove and blasted my music, I was in such a peaceful space. While Terry drove, I was knocked clean out!:)) I'm always in awe of God's greatness, the more I travel and see the world; the deeper my love and appreciation for life grows!! The most amazing thing about this trip was our visit to the "Grand Canyon". It was absolutely beautiful! Ya know, it look  just like a postcard. So surreal!!!  I was absolutely confounded as we approached the canyons to park. I was trying hard not to look at it until we actually reached the parking lot. Heck, I was so excited and anxious, that I wanted to literally bite my self (Lol)!!  My emotions went from excitement to freaked out in a matter of seconds!!! You MUST place it on your bucket list as one your have to visit  destinations. We have so many great sights to see right here in our own back yard. I feel so blessed to have seen a small amount... The possibilities are limitless!! Take a look!!
The hubs and I at the " Grand Canyon"…He sketched most of the time that we were there.
I sooo admire him!
We brought my cousin's daughter Trinika with us so that Ken could have some one to hang out with.
She was so easy and laid back. She also kept us laughing the entire time.
I was so happy that she had an opportunity to experience this trip with us. 
I am wearing a GAP  cami and Urban Outfitters American Flag  denim shorts.
Ray Ban aviators,  Gap cardigan and Keds slip ons.
I so love this kid! Grateful that God blessed me with her.
So happy that I get to share so many amazing memories with this guy!:)
Mommy and Ken!:)
Enjoying  Life!!
Life comes around only once!!! Make sure you are making the most of it!! 
Ken is wearing an Abercrombie Romper , Gap Denim Jacket and white Vans.
Las Vegas Nights …I'm wearing: Neon Orange Shorts from American Eagle and
Floral Crop top from American Eagle..!
My sandals are from Zara and my head band is from Urban Outfitters..!
So, I bought Ken the same crop top but I also bought her the matching skirt.
 I suggested borrowing it from her but she said
"Mom, I am going to be going off to college soon, you need your own"!:(
Ken is wearing a F21 Kimono, Urban Outfitters shorts,
American Eagle Crop top and Sam Edelman Leopard gladiators….! 
By the fourth day in Vegas, The kids started talking about the beach.
 I promised them that we would go to the beach but of course there is no beach in Vegas.
So, we decided that we would abandon the desert for a couple of days
 and head to the coast for some beach side fun…!:)
We were in LA last Fall but we didn't get a chance to hit the beach..
Mainly because we were too busy with college tours.
This was another first for me!:)
I loovee hats. I'm always trying to figure out how to wear them with my natural hair.
I picked this one up at F21.
The exact same hat is at JCREW outlet and the Gap for a lil less.

My crochet Cover Up and Bikini top are both from The Gap.
Bikini Bottom from H&M..!
We decided to go to Santa Monica Beach,
there are so many great beaches in LA but I chose this one based on reviews!
I thought that it would be a lot of fun with the boardwalk and amusement park.
 I'll be going back soon! So much to do, so little time!
We had to take my little cousin to see: The Hollywood Walk of Fame, The Hollywood Sign,
to eat Roscoes Chicken and Waffles and  In-N- and Out Burger…yummy!:)
We wouldn't be good hosts if we didn't, don't you agree!?:)
Ken is wearing an F21 skirt and an American Apparel crop top!
Santa Monica Promenade is everything that I love!
I love to shop, sit,  people watch, listen to live music, patio dine and enjoy life!

My top is actually Orange Neon but the picture doesn't show the details. It's very cute.
I picked it up from American Eagle.
My shorts are from Urban Outfitters.  I absolutely  looveee them!
Wearing white and silver  Chanel Sandals and a carrying a Chanel mini..!
Life is  too short to worry about what  people think about you or complain…!
 What they think about you is their business not yours so live it up... responsibly…!:)
Black Prada Sunnies…My favs..!
My jewelry is consist of hot pink bracelets and Marc Jacobs watch.
I have been pleading with Ken to get braids for a few years for the summer since she travels a lot. 
She refused until she saw my cousin's Hillary's hair and asked for them. 
I was suppose to get them too but I didn't feel like sitting a long time. 
Ken is  wearing Urban Outfitters shorts and top..!

My sweet family at the Hoover Dam.. By this day everyone was tired.
They were ready to come home but I wasn't. I love traveling..!:) 
Mommy loves Ken..! #myheartbeat 
Yes…It's that beautiful in person. Hoover Dam!!
I'm wearing a crop tee from American Eagle. It's so soft and comfy and F21  Floral Dolphin shorts.
I love dolphin shorts they remind me of my Nike running shorts.
If you see me on any random day in the summer.
I more than likely will be wearing a pair of Nike running shorts…!:)
Ken is wearing a F21 romper and hi -top converse. 

The hubs and I….!:)
Pic from Instagram …Follow me @manasstylefiles
Ken in front of the Vegas sign…This is a picture of how I felt about this trip.
It was a lot of fun and a nice experience..!
Yes, I will be coming back. I have to do a hubby and wife get away and a girls trip to Vegas.
We had a lot of  fun and there is so much to do besides gamble. Definitely, will be flying next time though!:)
Plus, I want to see some shows. Celine is a must!:)
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