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I hope that you are enjoying your summer thus far! Since, coming home from our family vacation, I have been super busy getting Ken ready for her mission trip to Mexico and catching up on daily errands. A few years ago, I told myself that I was going to make a concerted effort to spend more time with my friends and family during the summer months. As a woman, I am a firm believer that we get about ten good days a month that  you totally feel like yourself  (women, you guys know what I am talking about…Right?!). So, during those feel good days, I  like to spend some of time with the people I love and  that are easy to be around. With all of that being said, I don't have just one "Style". I wear and like a little bit of everything. I am a simple, variety, effortless chic  kind of girl!! I dress differently on vacation then I do for work, hanging out, dinner, date nights, church and regular days. I love having a lot of choices to choose from, otherwise  I'd get Super bored!! I will always believe that your individual "Style",  is definitive of your personality. 

Last Thursday night,  I went to dinner with my friend Quita, we wanted to go somewhere neither one of us had been before.  And since, Overton Square is growing and is Super chic these days; we decided on, "Second Line". The ambiance was nice, and the food was pretty good. The menu is a'la carte and  reasonably priced with a Cajun flair.  But the conversation and the company was even better!:) If you know me, than you know that I am Super Silly and I looovvee to laugh. I don't like tooting my own horn but I do have a great sense of humor!:)  So, thats exactly what we did: we ate, talked and laughed a whole lot!! Check out my,"Style" for my dinner date with Quita. 

I originally  purchased this dress for Ken, but she didn't like how it looked on her.
So, I gladly took it off her hands:)  A lot of the clothes  that I wear is not her "Style".
While, she believes that I look cute in my clothes;
she doesn't like all of them  for her self.
She has more of a hippie "Style" that I absolutely adore!
Ken and I sooo love the boho chic look. That is my go to "Style" for this summer!
I've always been a fan but I've been a tad bit obsessed lately!:/
My dress is from Forever 21; I' m not sure if it is still available.
I've had these very cute colorful bangles for years now  but
I've been wearing them a whole lot lately.
Easy access I guess..!:)
My  Woven Orange Clutch is from a consignment store from last summer.
It's vintage and Super Cute. The inside is genuine leather. Such a great deal!
I love dainty clutches..!
Quita is wearing a F21 dress and Nine West sandals.
Her Extra Large clutches are handmade.
 She has them in every color..!
I think it is  safe to say that we were having a good natural hair day.
Quita's define twist out was on point!
My hair had been in plaits since returning home from my family vacay.
I work out just about everyday for 2-3 hours so, I don't have
a whole lot of  time to deal with my hair.
 Nor, do I have the patience!!!
My shoes are Calvin Klein and Oh  sooo comfy…! I'm so in love with them!!

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