City Love…Part Three

Hi Dolls, This is the  last part of my City Love Posts. I hope that you've enjoyed reading some of the deets on our trip to the City. This post is less about what I'm wearing, although that is an intricate part of the post!:)) But more about some of the  reasons why I personally have so much City Love. Check it out….   
  I'm the biggest people watcher of them all!! Unless, you have me beat!:)  
I'm that person complimenting everyone and being inspired by the most uncanny things.
  We spent the day walking around Soho, people watching and stopping in some of our 
favorite shops before heading back to get ready for the concert. 
 I'm so enamored with all parts of Soho. 
There is so much creativity there. It's just so Chic….!
I love Jada Dresses, they are so comfy, cute and boho. 
I started to wear my Minnetonka boots with it 
but I had to pack light!:((
I'll try it soon!
We found a great Mirror at The Gap to take some Selfies!:0
Jada Dress: American Eagle w/my leopard Vans and a floral bandeau.
Ken is wearing floral dolphin shorts from Urban Outfitters and
 F21 Crop Tee w/Hitop-black Converse.

Trying to tame the mane while styling in My Tom Fords (Sing it)..!:)
On the Move….!
Wild Big Hair Don't Care!:00
 Instagram Pic ……!
This kid is so full of life…Wearing an Urban Outfitters 
 Crop Sweater , DIY Vintage Levi cutoffs with cream Hi-top Converse .
It only rained a small amount during our stay but it was a perfect day to visit "The Met"! 
We'd  planned to hit The Whitney (Jeff Koons' exhibit),
 Brooklyn Museum of Art, and Salon 94. 
 However, time was not on our side for all of the exhibits that I wanted to see.  
This jumper was right on time for the day. 
I picked it up from American Eagle the earlier part of the summer.

Off guard pic of my Ken …!
I love how there is sooo many Bikrams in the City.
 That makes it so easy to get my yoga fix on.
I know many abandon their workout while traveling…NO!
 I suggest working out as much as you can while traveling. 

 Bikram Yoga thank you for coming into my life!:)…You must try it once. 
It is not for everyone however one time won't kill ya! I promise !:)
Waiting for the train….Ken is wearing a Navy Jada Dress from 
F21 w/ Hi-top cream converse. 

Ken is in an Levi vest from Urban, bandeau and skirt from F21. I thought that this was a cool Usie!:)
Digging all of the quotes by Charles James!


On our way to see Bey and Jay….!

Qoute- Charles James at The Met!

Great Exhibit by Charles James at "The Met" in the Anna Wintour Costume  Center!
Loving this Panama Hat this summer….#trending

Jeff Koons:Puppy made out of flowers in Rockefeller Center!
Some of the fabulous dresses in the Charles James Exhibit at the Met…!

I love this quote…there is so much truth in it!- Charles James
 We visited some galleries in Soho on Prince Street. 
I snapped a pic of this painting by Takashi Murakami at The Martin Lawrence Gallery. 
His art work is in most major museums around the world. 
You guys remember when he collaborated with Louis Vuitton a few years back.
Some of  you may still have those colorful LVs!:)
Night Walk in Central Park w/Ken Ken… 
Her backpack and head band are both handmade from Mexico!
I love my back pack as well that Ken brought back from Mexico for me…
I am obsessed with all things handmade, boho and hippie!!
I can't wait to get my new sewing machine!:)
Either it was very warm out or I felt like showing off my tan at night!:))
I'm wearing a F21 tops , Urban Outfitters shorts and my Brooks running shoes.

I'm wearing a white crop tee from American Eagle and Polka Dot Romper from F21!
God's Grace….Sooo Much City Love!:))
She obviously has just as much City Love as me….!:)
Until next time…..Love Sharmana!:)

City Love…Part Two

I smile just because I have a City Love and I found it in…(NYC; John Mayer)!!!:) Do you guys remember that song from his first album, " Room For Squares". Anyway, I hope that you guys had a chance to read the first part of my City Love post. If not, what are you waiting for?!:) I had such an amazing time in the City and I'm glad that I get to share some of the deets with all of you. This was such a fun trip. We didn't get to do everything that I planned for us to do but we'll make up for it on more trips and possibly a longer stay!:)  Here are more photos and details about our trip. I hope that you enjoy them and please share your thoughts. You guys know that I love chatting with you!:)

On our first night in the City, Ken and I met up with my friends
Joy and Susan to catch up and  grab a light dinner in the Village.
I wore a very cute floral crop top and white skirt from F21.

My Oh Soo Stylish and bi-coastal friend Susan!:)

I absolutely love this skirt. When I first saw it ; 
I had to have it but I couldn't find my size. I finally found it in a 25 in the waist! 
Last one too..Yippee!!
Small waist and Well you know the rest problems!:)

My friend Joy kept us laughing and entertained the entire time!:)))

My Click!:)

My hair has a mind of it's own! I'm glad that it behaved for the night!:)

Eating Dinner at the Yaffe Cafe in the East Village on the patio…of course (My Fav)!:)

Joy and Ken Ken! Ken is wearing an Urban Outfitters Tube Top and Shorts.

This is a prime example that someone can be thinking 
the same or have an outfit planned out at the same time as you, without your knowledge!
 When I posted a pic of me with my outfit on IG, I had no idea
that my  friend Quita had a similar outfit. This has happen many times. 
We do have similar styles and she tells me all of the time ; how I inspire her style. 
Which, I'm humble by because she inspires me too!:)
 I'm wise enough to know that I didn't invent the wheel!:)

Posing in My Holy Chic T from F21 in Columbus Circle. 
I love The Upper Westside
Heck, I love all parts of City. 
There is just so much inspiration…!:)
Urban Outfitters redhigh-waisted shorts, leopard Vans, and Tom Ford Sunnies!
Leopard is certainly a neutral color…I love it!
 I think I need a pair of Leopard slip ons also, what do you think!? Yup, I do!:)

Taking a break! I got tired from all of the posing!:))))

Wearing a H&M Denim shirt around my waist and 
Taking all of the fabulousness of The City in…!:)

Peep The sign behind our photo! One of the reasons I have soo much City Love!:) 
 I'm an early but I think that the sign is pretty cool!:)
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18 is a BIG DEAL…!

Hi Dolls,  If you follow me on IG or FB, you already know that my sweetgirl turned the BIG 18 last week. To be honest she wasn't that excited about turning 18. In her words,"18 is so blah, it's not like turning 16 and plus, I can go to the doctor's office by myself now and that's not cool!:) ". What do you mean Ken? "16 is exciting and new, you get your driver's license and it's just fun"! Ok, I can understand that ! However, from my position,"18 is a BIG DEAL and a milestone that deserves to be celebrated!"! I wanted to make the day a very special one for her. So, we started off the day with prayer (always giving God thanks for another day and of course another year) , a green juice (a must) and Bikram Yoga. After yoga, we went to lunch and did a little shopping.

 I asked her where she wanted to spend her 18th birthday months ago and she said NewYork City. Now you know…. I was down with that!:))))  See, this was the first birthday that we've spent together in a while. For the past 4 years, she's been studying at Brown University on her birthday. So, it  was very important for me to make this a very special day for her. She said "Mom I just want to be in New York and eat sushi (her fav) ! So, we made reservations for NoBu (yum yum), picked up cupcakes from our absolute favorite cupcake shop: Georgetown Cupcakes and we closed the evening out with a Poetry Slam. She showed interest in poetry last winter after watching various poets on Youtube. So, I thought that it would be a neat idea to take her to a live poetry slam. It was appropriate and an incredible experience for her. You must go to a Poetry Slam if you have the time on your next visit to NY.

Mommy and Ken..!

I made her take pics next to the  NoBu sign!:)))  This is the original NY location in Tribeca.
 There is another one in Midtown on 57th street!
Memories are important to me!:)

Ken is wearing a Brandy Melville  Black and Off  White Halter  top and Off  White Lace Urban Outfitters shorts.
These are her favorite stores to shop in beside American Apparel.

I'm not a huge fan of Japanese Cuisine but the food was AMAZING!!
Tempura Zuchinni…#YUM

Shrimp Tempura Roll and California Roll…!

Soft Shell Crab Roll…!

Joy  Joy and Ken Ken…!

I'm super proud of my sweet girl….!!!#18isaBigDeal

I looovee Georgetown Cupcakes…The Best!!! The original one is in Georgetown of course 
but I'm super happy that they've branched out..!:)

I thought a Kimono would be fitting for NoBu..! Don't you agree?

My Joy Joy and me..!:)

Skater Skirt, Crop Top,  Last year 's Kimono all from F21 and shoes are from Zara..

 The Nuyorican Poets Cafe is located in The East Village…It was so much fun and the Poets were simply Amazing!! It is a must do if you've never been to a Poetry Club or slam before. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!! The poets were all very talented!

The host was great and super funny!

I will never forget this night and the fun we had creating memories!! 
Many more to come…I can hardly wait!!

Yes sweet girl….#18isaBigDeal
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