City Love…Part Two

I smile just because I have a City Love and I found it in…(NYC; John Mayer)!!!:) Do you guys remember that song from his first album, " Room For Squares". Anyway, I hope that you guys had a chance to read the first part of my City Love post. If not, what are you waiting for?!:) I had such an amazing time in the City and I'm glad that I get to share some of the deets with all of you. This was such a fun trip. We didn't get to do everything that I planned for us to do but we'll make up for it on more trips and possibly a longer stay!:)  Here are more photos and details about our trip. I hope that you enjoy them and please share your thoughts. You guys know that I love chatting with you!:)

On our first night in the City, Ken and I met up with my friends
Joy and Susan to catch up and  grab a light dinner in the Village.
I wore a very cute floral crop top and white skirt from F21.

My Oh Soo Stylish and bi-coastal friend Susan!:)

I absolutely love this skirt. When I first saw it ; 
I had to have it but I couldn't find my size. I finally found it in a 25 in the waist! 
Last one too..Yippee!!
Small waist and Well you know the rest problems!:)

My friend Joy kept us laughing and entertained the entire time!:)))

My Click!:)

My hair has a mind of it's own! I'm glad that it behaved for the night!:)

Eating Dinner at the Yaffe Cafe in the East Village on the patio…of course (My Fav)!:)

Joy and Ken Ken! Ken is wearing an Urban Outfitters Tube Top and Shorts.

This is a prime example that someone can be thinking 
the same or have an outfit planned out at the same time as you, without your knowledge!
 When I posted a pic of me with my outfit on IG, I had no idea
that my  friend Quita had a similar outfit. This has happen many times. 
We do have similar styles and she tells me all of the time ; how I inspire her style. 
Which, I'm humble by because she inspires me too!:)
 I'm wise enough to know that I didn't invent the wheel!:)

Posing in My Holy Chic T from F21 in Columbus Circle. 
I love The Upper Westside
Heck, I love all parts of City. 
There is just so much inspiration…!:)
Urban Outfitters redhigh-waisted shorts, leopard Vans, and Tom Ford Sunnies!
Leopard is certainly a neutral color…I love it!
 I think I need a pair of Leopard slip ons also, what do you think!? Yup, I do!:)

Taking a break! I got tired from all of the posing!:))))

Wearing a H&M Denim shirt around my waist and 
Taking all of the fabulousness of The City in…!:)

Peep The sign behind our photo! One of the reasons I have soo much City Love!:) 
 I'm an early but I think that the sign is pretty cool!:)
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