Ladies Night….!

So, I was chatting with my friend, Yvette earlier this Spring about doing a Ladies Night / Girls Night out this summer. You know, a good ole let your hair down kind of fun time. With absolutely no Pretension!! I'm learning the older I get how important it is for us women to cultivate friendships and empower one another. There are too many women busy competing and tearing each other down rather than edifying each other ; it seriously makes me SICK!! Okay, enough of my soap box!! Then she said you are going to have to plan it. What???? (she is busy with her wedding planning and all of that good old stuff). I was thinking to myself, "Oh Well", that won't be happening! No, seriously, I  hate asking people to do anything. Nonetheless, I stepped out of my fear bubble and went ahead and sent out  some invites via text. After receiving mediocre replies, I thought "forget it" and I started planning dates with some of my closest friends. I do understand that everyone has extremely busy lives and so do I. After much consideration, I decided to give it another go.

Since the first attempt  for June fell through because of the weather (we weren't about to be blown away by rain and high winds)….Ha!! I needed an emoji for that!:)  I was like okay, lets try this again before my next traveling chronicles. Now, what better way to kick off, "The July 4th  Holiday Weekend" then with a rooftop party?! Although, many of my friends couldn't make it including Yvette, there were a lot of them that came out.  I also asked all of the girls to invite friends, to help break the monotony. I wanted everyone to feel comfortable and enjoy themselves. Although, I am very outgoing and I like to talk and make people feel warm. I  know how awkward it can be hanging out with new people. However, it was a good turn out and we had a great time. I am looking forward to the next one!:) Take a look at what I wore out to "Ladies Night" at the "Peabody Rooftop"

I'm wearing a coral long sleeve romper that I picked up last summer in NYC.
The weather was very nice, making it perfect for this piece last night.
I've seen this style romper a lot since  I purchased last summer,  so it shouldn't be hard to find.
That's if you want one like it!:)
I'm carrying a hot pink Tory Burch bag for a little color splashing!:)

My nude sandals are from Zara's last summer collection and
are not made for long periods of standing!
 I believe they have a two hour minimum (Carmen O' Kelley)..Ha Ha!!
My old colleague Tasha came out. She was rocking her first natural twist out!
Cute Indeed!!
Team natural was certainly representing in the place.
In the words of this natural cutie, Tia! 
My friend Maka getting down on the dance floor along with the other ladies!:)
 She is such a great dancer!!
Now, y'all know that I love to dance!! Whoop Whoop!!

I accessorized with gold jewelry to accent the bright colors that I am wearing!

  My Quita Boo….!

This beautiful free spirit is Quita's little sister Cassie. She is super hot!!

 Regina and her friends…#Meangirls..!!! Haaaaa #JK!!! We are super nice!!

Sunshine she's here you can take a break!! #Happy

Life is too short not to smile…!

Thanks for stopping by my site!
I had such a nice time…Looking forward to many more nights like this with beautiful women like these!!
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