Chambray Jumpsuit

Anthropologie Chambray Jumpsuit: I love this jumpsuit and the 
buttons on the side add so much detail.
I have been milking my straightening from a couple of weeks.
It’s shrank a lot from working out and the daily grind but there still
so much I can do with it in this state. I’m still not ready to shampoo it yet.
Don’t judge me!:

I picked up this Fringe Tribal clutch last year from American Eagle. 
I love this print!

My photographer for the night, hubby!:)

My artist friend Susan is always so chic:
 She is wearing Rag and Bone and Michael Kors heels

I love my man’s new body of work. 

Hi Lovelies, this weekend has been one for the records for me. I have been ripping and running all over the place. Functioning on five hours asleep is for the birds ( I got to catch back up …ASAP)!! 
On Friday Night my husband and I went to the "David Lusk Gallery" for his Annual "Price Is Right Show". The show is always the first weekend in August and everything in the show is a thousand dollars or less. Which is an awesome price for fine art! While chatting with fellow art lovers , many of us agreed that this show is also a symbol that summer is coming to an end!:(( 

So, I've had this  Chambray Jumpsuit from Anthropologie in my closet for over three years now and I finally decided to wear it. Our date nights are usually semi casual; which I love so finding something to wear is usually never too hard for me. After we left the art show; Susan, Abhi, Terry and myself headed over to Overton Square to catch the James Brown Biopic “Get On Up”,  its a must see!

Thanks for stopping by…Xoxo Sharmana