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        Kimono Marshalls| Romper Forever 21| Kensie Gladiators | Leopard Clutch |Downtown Memphis

Hi Dolls, I was chatting with some friends a few weeks ago about clothes that are Trendy vs items that are Trending and kimonos came up. Now, I love kimonos and believe that they are Trending and not too Trendy. As you know kimonos, mixing prints, color blocking/splashing, various hats, headpieces, crop tops, large frames, gladiators and etc... are among some of the fashions that are Trending right now. To be honest, I love classic pieces that never goes out of style and transcends time. However, I like to have fun with SOME of the trends as well. I’m not a jump on the bandwagon kind of girl; that just isn’t me! I can care less if everyone else is doing it; doesn’t mean that I’m going to or want to. As a matter-fact, I stay far away from a lot of trends and very Trendy items! I can almost tell what will be in style for a hot second and out the next!
  A couple of weekends ago the hubs and I went on a double date with our friends Susan and Abhi.  I wore this fringe kimono and I felt like my outfit wasn’t too Trendy and very me. In my opinion, 10 years from now-this outfit will still be in style (I may have to cut the fringes off of the kimono) with a little improvising!:)  I don’t like overloading on trends ( wearing too many trends at one time) that can make your outfit look tacky, adding the wrong/ too many accessories; if you know what I mean?! Unless, you are making a fabulous statement!:)

Throwbacks:I picked up these head pieces from Urban Outfitters 2 years ago and wore them last year on some trips before they became extremely popular. This trend will be out of style soon but I’ll probably keep them for vacation pieces. I stayed away from them this summer due to the over saturating. I went with the more simple headband around the forehead.

Ken and I wearing the crop top and headband trend: Crop Tops are hear to stay. We want see as much of the headband around the forehead in the coming months but I do believe it will stick around for a minute. It’s rather Trendy but cute.

Kimonos are definitely here to stay: I wore this combo last summer ; it’s a keeper.
Layering is my thing! 
Now, floppy wool hats, straw hats and large frames have been in style since the 60’s: Circa 2012
Trick to not being a victim of Trendy overloading: Throw in some classic pieces! Please no trends from head to toe!:)

Everything Old is new again: Style Icons. Circa 1960 

I’m wearing a floppy straw hat back in 2006: This trend is here to stay.

Mixing Prints are here to stay: I absolutely love mixing prints and being creative with my Style: It sets you apart. It also separates you from being all about fashion and more about style. Being matchy is needed at times but being too match and wearing what everyone else is wearing can also be boring. I get somewhat agitated when I hear the word exclusive then, I see it in every shop on IG and every city in the world (a little venting is needed at times)!:) Gladiator sandals with modesty will stick around, the tall gladiators won’t be in style for long; I’m already over a lot of them. The quintessential trendsetter in my opinion, is someone who truly take risks, someone who can take a trend and make it look classy and classic, style that is ORGANIC and genuinely being you!! I can go from preppy to classic to urban in a minute and I know that many of you can also. 
What do you guys think? What are your opinions?  Please do share your thoughts. 
Thanks for stopping by and stay true…Love Sharmana