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                                                                          Me and Olivia
Olivia, Ken and Ari

Black Leather Slip Ons: Vans | Black Bodysuit : Forever 21 | Tan Leather Belt : The Gap | Sunnies: Rayban | Cut off High-waisted Shorts: Levis |  Day 1  Blue Maxi : Urban Outfitters | Favorite Oversized Denim Shirt: H&M | Sandals: Sanuks 

Ken is wearing: Gray T-Shirt Dress: H&M | Suede Espadrilles: Urban Outfitters |  Day 1| Romper: Forvever 21| Sandals: Chaco | Day 2

I took my daughter, Kennedy to the  DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA  for her first year of college. We got there early that Friday and spent the day hanging out and having fun in the city. Saturday we moved her in to her dorm ; it was so exciting!!!  She was anxious to spend her first night in her dorm room and I was excited to hear all about it the next day. I picked her up that next morning to visit a church a friend recommended for her. I wanted to make sure that it would be a good fit for her and a healthy well balanced place for her to worship.  We spent the rest of  the day shopping and exploring different parts of the city. DC is such a great city!! That Monday the hubs and I picked her up for lunch and to spend a little QT before heading home. Thats when reality hit that I was leaving my baby there in this big city by her self for months at a time and possibly INDEFINITELY!!  It was very tough for me and I knew it would be. She is my only child and my very tangible heartbeat. Although she has traveled a lot for most of her young life ; this did not feel like a trip. It felt more like a part of my life was gone forever! More like grief! I broke down when she walked us to the elevator to say goodbye. Then I cried off and on for days but it has gotten better. I’m trusting God, trying hard to let her grow up and  trying my best to not  be so over bearing! You guys pray for me!:) 
On a lighter note,  I love the outfits I chose for this trip! It was perfect for the cooler temps in the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA we also had a chance to  spend time with our  beautiful little cousins, Olivia and Ari more like nieces to me. They kept us laughing the entire trip. I can’t wait to see them again! Moreover, I’m Super Excited that I’ll be seeing my sweet girl very soon!:)  
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