The Hubs and I inside of "Rowan Oak"

Mosaic Print Dress: Forever 21 (Here) | Booties: Nine West (Old) | Navy Clutch Bag: Tory Burch 

Hi Loves,  my hubs (Artist: Terry Lynn) and I had the pleasure to attend the annual "Harvest Supper" at "Rowan Oak" benefiting The University Museum in Oxford, MS this past week. It was a grand occasion; which included: a live band, speakers and a live art auction.  We had a chance to tour a little of "Rowan Oak" ( The legendary writer/poet : William Faulkner’s home) where the "Harvest Supper" was held. You know I was in literary heaven!:)) Only a portion of the house was open to the public during the event but you can come anytime during the day to tour the whole house. The food and ambiance was very nice and the weather was perfect for a "Harvest Supper".
I wanted to wear something that reflected the theme of the night and very fall like, so I reached for this brownish mosaic print dress that I picked up earlier this season and paired it with booties for a Harvesty look!!
I can’t wait to go back for a full tour!:) …Love Sharmana