Striped Bodysuit:Forever 21(Here) | Grey High-Waisted Joggers: Forever 21(Here) | Multi-Color Mary Janes: NineWest | Sunnies:RayBans

Hi Loves, let me just preface this post by stating that this isn’t some vain read about me being awesome or an actual “SUPERSTAR”! Although, I must state-- that I truly believe that “All Women” are “Superstars" in their own right. With that said, a couple of summers ago my friend, artist Susan Eliza and I, along with our men went out for a night of dancing on the Peabody Rooftop. I was wearing a necklace with the word “Superstar”(Here) which inspired this painting and now this post. I feel so honored to have been Susan’s muse for this piece which was a total surprise to me!:)  In Susan’s words, “Superstar is a portrait of Sharmana, inspired by the night we went dancing at the Peabody Rooftop. Even though she was dancing in the crowd, she seemed to be in her own world and intense. The “Superstar" necklace was the perfect accessory to the evening and inspired the colorful text layered over the portrait”.  
I am confoundly humbled by her words and this amazing piece. So much, that this past Saturday after seeing the finish product in her studio at the MemFix event ; we decided to take some shots in front of the piece for THIS post! What are your thoughts?? I hope that you enjoyed reading “Superstar”!!  Love… Sharmana  

Photography: Susan Eliza
Artist:Susan Eliza