When I think about Fall the word Golden immediately comes to mind. From the leaves on the trees, the different arrays of pumpkins displayed all over town to the beautiful sunshine that contrasts against the brisk fall air. 'Twas this day; everything appeared Golden! The sun was shining bright and there was definitely a chill in the air!:) Oh, how I wished that I enjoyed the smell of pumpkin spice, or any spice, even the warm smell and taste of coffee this time of the year would suffice. Since, none of those things appeal to me; I guess I’ll have to settle for the aroma of hot tea, pine, evergreen and peppermint!;) They all reflect the day and inspired my outfit for the day.

What I’m wearing: Rust Cardigan: Urban Outfitters (Here) | Gold Dress: Forever 21 (No longer available) | Boots : Lucky Brand (Cuter Ones Here) | Necklace: Antropologie (Old) | Tote: Innue (Old)

Thanks for Reading…Love Sharmana

I’m so excited about the holidays!:)