This Christmas was one of the most laid back Christmases that I have had in a very long time. Of course I was up before anyone else, so I decided to go for a short run. After running I came in  and took a shower, threw on my pjs and made me a hot cup of tea. By that time my Ken was up and ready to open gifts. Once we finished opening gifts (my fav!!) , we all sat down to eat a little breakfast before lunch. I wasn’t expecting any guest this year ; I didn’t really feel like hosting nor going anywhere. Do you guys feel like that sometimes?!  I just wanted to stay in all day with my pjs on ( something that I rarely ever do) and be lazy! Ken and I both kept saying that it didn’t really feel like Christmas ( the dreary weather garnered the mood, I guess)!  I do believe that it also has something to do with getting older  which means that it is time to create new traditions:)!  I’ll work on that in the coming year!:)) Anyway, I had to keep reminding myself, regardless of my feelings or the weather, this day is a day that has been set aside to celebrate Christ’s birth and thats all that matters!:))

 A little later we decided to shoot in my Christmas Sweater and comfy jogger shorts.

What I’m wearing: Christmas Sweater: The Gap (Optional Color Here) | Pom Beanie: Target Kids | Booties: BCBG Generation| Jogger Shorts: Urban Outfitters

I pray that you had a wonderful Christmas. Love Sharmana!:)