My favorite thing to listen to while driving, is talk radio. I mainly listen to WCRV (640 AM in my neck of the woods) however, I do listen to other stations and podcasts. As, I was listening to one of my favorite pastors yesterday; I was reminded of the TRUE meaning of Christmas. Yes, I know what the true meaning of Christmas is but I can’t say that I always live it. My first love language is receiving gifts--like to give them and lovvveee to receive them. With that being said, I sometimes get lost in the commercialism of it all. Anyway, I know that the Lord was pulling on my heartstrings while listening to that message yesterday. Ya see, God has a way of reminding us of what’s most important at the right time. I thought WOW! God you know how to get my attention!:)  He reminded me that, although my first love language is the receiving of gifts, He gave the world a precious gift that will never stop giving (His Son…Jesus). No material thing can ever compare to that!:)

I wore this ensemble to do a little Christmas Shopping with my hubs this past Sunday.

What I’m wearing: Denim Shirt: The Gap (Old) | Distressed Jeans : F21 (Old) | Navy  Floppy Wool Hat : F21 ( Picked it up this past summer ) | Plaid Wool Jacket: The Gap ( Last Year) | Grey Boots: Enzo: (Old) | Shades and Bag: Marc Jacobs

Happy Birthday Jesus: Merry Christmas Eve….Love Sharmana and Terry!:))